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 Post subject: New player helpers- the quiet ones.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:11 pm 
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I have read the posts in this board, and wanted to add my two cents. I am an old UO player, here on this shard for a little while now. One of the main reasons I stayed is because of the players I encountered. So, I feel some kudos are due .
First couple days running around in skelly armor and relearning how to shed my newbiness, my boy and I were flat out given a small house each by Salty Seaman. Great help that was and is. Thanks =)
Catweasle happily handed over a ostard each to us. Mine promptly died, but hey, newby shedding has its issues.
I got my miner up and running and ran across a goblin miner, Ashborn. He was only skilling up and let me have every single bit of ore he dug. Helped me immensely.
A nice lady named Dominique took all my shadow ingots off my hands, and as a new player bonus paid me double to help me get started. =)
Several others have helped and befriended me as I wandered around this land. Thanks to all, and keep it up.

A note to miner pks, be so kind as to leave a shovel and a tinker kit on the corpse, that miner will get back to work for your looting enjoyment that much quicker. *grins

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 Post subject: Re: New player helpers- the quiet ones.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:29 am 
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Orion gave me 10GP per for my first load of ingots when I was asking 5 once he knew I was new. God of (insert various alts) co-owned me on a house to macro my first few days. Fagabeefe set me up with a "rent to own" patio at deed cost until I could pay it off.

All those kindnesses were offered outside of any guild affiliation. Add on the guild kindnesses I received and I was one lucky dude. There's a lot of quality people on this shard ready and willing to help out.


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