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Community Growth Effort // 2016
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Author:  SaibotMK [ Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Community Growth Effort // 2016

Drunk'n Disorder wrote:
SaibotMK wrote:
Robbbb wrote:
SaibotMK wrote:
I am going to just repeat myself here, its been awhile, but if it were up to me, its not, but if this was my shard, a plain as day UOSA Discord Link would be linked on the front page of the website. I know there is a forum post, but again its just my opinion.

It's at the top of the forum 'Discord Chat'.

Maybe could be a little more prominent though.

Yeah if people are interested they are likely going to check out the forum anyway, and they will run across the discord one way or the other.

I had no idea that link was there until I read it here... I agree that if it were on the front page in big letters "Join us in live sex chat" it would probably garner more attention.

Yeah, I mean my logic is if people have some immediate questions about the server that they can't be bothered registering on the forum, much less posting. I know you could say "Well if they are that lazy they won't play here anyway". Well yes and no, if someone is scouting for a server, they start talking to people, next thing you know they are logged in, and next thing you know they are 3 months invested into that said server.

If I am scouting for a server to play. I see the number of IP's logged in on the front page, and then i click the forum to see what kind of activity is there. Well since discord is a thing, a lot of discussions, trading, story's, conversations, smack talk, complaining, guild recruiting, event advertising, announcements, the list continues. A lot of that happens in UOSA's discord, not so much on the forum.

Author:  SighelmofWyrmgard [ Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Community Growth Effort // 2016

All good points, Baalx. Thanks.

I know I'm not putting the same effort into trying to revitalize and re-invigorate this shard. So, thanks again, and thanks for the reminder.


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