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 Post subject: "White Wyrm Tears" - by Aros Windsong
PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:05 pm 
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"White Wyrm Tears", a story of Pride, Wrath, Justice and Compassion - by Aros Windsong

The Glorious Lord, Aros Windsong,
Bard of The Conservatory,
Lord Defender, Silver Serpent Society

Whence the creature came, I canst not say: out, riding, I didst come 'pon ruined homesteads and a multitude of slain people; I couldst not believe the severity of destruction, but the cause was easy-enough to track ...

I hadst never encountered a White Wyrm, before: I didst know them only from rumour and reputation. Considering only mine own talents, this was a menace that was beyond me.

Oh, but there are ways, I didst s'ppose ... I evaded and skirted the villain's path, and scoured the countryside: I attracted the attention, taunting if neccessary, an entire assembly of the enemies of the people of Britannia: Ettins, Trolls, Ogres, Gargoyles, Harpies, even Orcs and Ratmen. I didst drag that 'train' into the vicinity of the White Wyrm, and began to invoke my music.

The White Wyrm is, indeed, an impressive combatant: at first, it didst slay as quickly as I couldst provoke fresh creatures onto it; however, it couldst not maintain that momentum for long, and didst become invested by the 'army' that I hadst brought against it. Whimsically, and viciously, I added a Blade Spirit, and then set-to with mine-own heavy crossbow.

I didst add a new Blade Spirit, when necessary. Meanwhile, the White Wyrm didst manage to eradicate all of the vermin I hadst sent against it, but only survived bereft of all magic, and wounded nigh unto death.

The defeated creature didst suddenly begun to weep, and implored of me,

"Thou art a champion of Compassion and Empathy; 'tis not true?

"Mercy! I beg mercy, milord! I hath eggs unhatched: they canst not survive without me! Return me to mine home, I beseech thee! Let me protect my children!"

Mine own face must have looked like a stone. I replied,

"Who, now, doth protect all the children, fathers, mothers whom thou hast slain? Mercy shalt indeed be given: mercy to the prideful wretch who lieth, dying in great pain, and yearning for relief; mercy to all of the children, fathers, mothers that, now, thou shalt never harm; mercy to all who wilt never have to fear thee, nor thy extinguished progeny. Beyond that, I wilst dispense only justice, and the simple reciprocation that doth accompany retribution.

"A final word, before I dispatch thee: thou hast done me a service, after a fashion; on my own, it might have taken me days to pacify all of these inimical creatures."

A single, loosed, crossbow-bolt didst end that dialogue and, also, endeth this tale.

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