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 Post subject: Razor Self Heal/ Greater Heal Cure
PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:26 pm 
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Hey guys I created my macros thru razor last night and they work perfectly except for 1 function. In the HOT KEYS tab before first circle magery I set my self heal cure / greater heal macro. In the beginning of the night it worked perfectly. This morning after I restart, the self part fails to work. I have tried recreating the macros and have had no luck. I have made new profiles and had no luck. Now it only casts heal and greater heal, no more cure and it doesn't target self. Please help.

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 Post subject: Re: Razor Self Heal/ Greater Heal Cure
PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:56 pm 
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Does the step in the macro that targets you actually say "Target Self" or "Absolute Target"? Also, is there a Wait for Target in the macro that it is getting stuck on (or alternatively, is there NO Wait for Target? if THAT's the case, then you are trying to target yourself before you have a targetting crosshair available)? Also, are you on a character that has those spells in the spellbook?

It might help us debug your problem if you give some more details--perhaps posting your macro and give specifics on what it does when you run it.

PS: if you are new to Razor, here are a few tips that will enhance your experience:
  • VERY IMPORTANT--go to the "General" Tab and uncheck the "Use smart CPU reduction" (or whatever that option label is). If you leave it on (default), then it does some kind of frame skipping that really just slows you down and makes the gameplay worse--you don't need the CPU savings! The fact that this is on by default it one of the saddest things about Razor... I went for a long without knowing about this.
  • in macros, the default timeout for Wait for Target is 30 seconds. I almost always set it to something much lower--like 2 or 3 seconds for a spell macro like that... 1 second of most other macros--by left clicking the Wait for Target Command, selecting "Edit Timeout". If you don't do this, then any time you don't get a target when you thought you would (e.g. if you were using an item in your macro and you somehow got the "you must wait to perform another action" thing), then your macro will sit there doing nothing for 30 seconds. What a waste!
  • go to the "More Options" tab, and set the object delay to 1000 milliseconds. EVEN IF you don't use the auto-queuing of object actions, you should do this because it will make your restock/organize agents work correctly (very important for macroing up magery) as well as avoiding the "you must wait to perform another action" in your macros.
  • I personally don't use auto-queing of object actions, because sometimes it gets hung up and won't let me do anything for a while (I'm sure there's a way to clear the queue--probably a hotkey)... you should play with it and see if you like it, though.

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