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 Post subject: Context menu not working
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:22 am 
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I suppose this is more of a newb question than a bug, but I can't make a new topic in the New Player Help forum, so I'm posting it here.
I just installed the Ultima Online client, with Razor, and everything seems to work fine, except the for context menus. All new player guides I've checked out claim I need to either left-click or hold shift + left click (depending on my settings), but I've tried both and nothing happened. If I click on an NPC all that happens is that their name appears above their sprite (and that might be just because my mouse is hovering over them).
Any idea what the problem might be? I can't talk to any NPCs, I can't even open doors. Basically all I can do in the game is walk around. UOSA seems like a nice game, but I can't really play it like this.
Also, isn't there some kind of tutorial? One of the starter guides claimed there was, but I haven't seen it.

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 Post subject: Re: Context menu not working
PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:17 am 
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This shard is mechanically-anchored in t2A: the specific era-accuracy date is OSI's Nov 23/'99 "Publish 1".

There are no context-sensitive menus here: they were introduced by OSI in a much-later publish.

NPCs respond only to the appropriate spoken commands.

Open a door by double-left-clicking on it; if you have Razor's "Automatically Open Doors" feature enabled, "walk into" any unlocked door, and it should open for you.

There is only a very-select set of mechanics here that are not era-accurate: these are those that are built into the client (stat/skill pointers); if you are not using Razor's "Use Pre-AoS Status Display", your status display will show (later) stat categories that are not used here.

Wander around the Wiki and/or our forums, and visit our era's Stratics through the Wayback Machine if you know how.

You are welcome to PM me with any specific inquiries: I am thinking, specifically, of several skills which function very-differently here than they did in later OSI-eras; but I imagine there'll be gui/gump issues to which you'll have to adapt.

Welcome to UOSA!


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