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 Post subject: Re: Not even close to era accurate
PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:46 am 
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Resol wrote:
Thanks for the response, but I have no interest in maxing out a hally mage and running bots to collect materials and reagents. I played from 1997-2006 and the golden era in my opinion (and I'm sure many others) was second age in 1999.

I never maxed out my characters at that time. I was busy with school and by the time I had free time to play it was Age of Shadows and a lot of bullshit with trammel which I hated. That's why I came back because I wanted to max out my original characters that I created in 1997-1999 with the original rules. It's nearly impossible here though, as everyone just runs the exact same template for the purpose of PVPing. What's more is that the shard is advertised as "The way it should be" when I have zero recollection of it being botted and exploited so heavily.

I have run my own shards in the past for fun and I think at this point I might as well create my own shard and run it locally for myself so I can actually play the game and finish off my characters and be done with this.

You're all killing a very beautiful game with reagent buying bots and game abusing mechanics. Like I said, this is all fine just please advertise it as an exploit abuse shard with no repercussions for running AFK bots. I would have never started here had I known. The rules stated are straight up lies, everyone macros to collect materials AFK. No one checks them. You're rewarded for abusing the system and the rules here and I feel as though they're posted as a way to get playerbase up so they can get more ad time to keep it running for the 10 people who are actually active and PVPing here.


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