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 Post subject: New Player Guide
PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:02 am 
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A new player guide was requested on the New Player forums so I've written a basic guide and compiled some new player helpful link. Hope this helps!

So as I’m sure you’ve either heard or know UO has a very steep learning curve. Due to a request on the New Player forums I am going to try to put together a new players guide for the truly new player.
When one is creating a character you need to take into consideration what your starting skills will be. Usually they should be starting at 50 points in one skill, 49 in another and 1 in a third skill. The point in all of this is that you get starting equipment based on what skills you choose, so putting that 1 point in a skill can give you a nifty starting item, so you don’t have to buy it later. Here are the skills and what they give you. ... tent=30493
You’ll notice some of those skills are from the later expansions and don’t exist in T2A. Also you’ll notice that some of those skills offer almost nothing for the starting player.
You’re two major skills depend on what you want to go into, and should always be skills that are difficult to gain. Skills that are difficult to gain, for example, would be taming/spell resist/crafting skill. Easy gain skills would be combat skills/resource gathering skills/lore skills.
So think about what you want- do you want to be a fighter, crafter, mage, or bard- or something else altogether?
Now you have to pick a place to start.

You’ll notice that some of these towns only exist in the expansions and not in T2A.
Where you start can affect your character. If you want to be a miner/blacksmith you should NOT start in Vesper. Minoc or Britain would be better suited for mining ore. If you want to be a lumberjack/carpenter Yew would be a better choice because so much of the city is in the forest, and the larger trees there have more wood. Jhelom has a graveyard to fight skeletons and zombies almost in the town limits so that you should be safe from murderers while you hunt them. Each town has pros and cons to consider, some you’ll never know until you hang out there for awhile.
Also, there are two towns you cannot start out at: Papua and Delucia. They are in the “Lost Lands” which can only be accessed through secret passage ways throughout the land.
So once you’ve created a character and you’re in the land of Britannia what do you do now. One of the first things you want to make sure of is that you have UO Automap up and running so you know where you’re going and what shops are around you.
You can download the automap (UOAM) from the T2A downloads section here:
Now that you know where you’re going, what do you do? Start making money. You need money to buy equipment and to buy houses/clothes/horses/crafting material /etc etc. Gold will be slow in the beginning, but the more advanced your character becomes the fast it will come to you.
So, the basics are where we need to start. You’ll notice that much of the environment in the UO. You’ll want to take advantage of this to start making money. You can probably kill a rat/bird/cat very easily, and once you’ve done this you can double click your starting dagger, target the corpse, and then you’ll probably come up with some hides and meat. These can be cut/cooked/sold to a NPC (not Player character) vendor. Not every NPC will buy everything you find. Only cobblers will buy shoes and only tailors will buy clothes, etc.
Using this same method you can use an ax to chop wood from trees. You can cut logs into boards. You can stop there and sell the boards to a carpenter NPC (or even another player) or you can use carpenters tools to great items using your carpentry skill. You can then sell these items to NPC’s.
You can using a fishing pole to fish, increasing your fishing skill, and catching fish. You can sell the fish, or cut them into fish steaks, you can also cook the steaks (cooking will help increase your intelligence statistic). Once you get the basics down, it is a pretty intuitive system. Another example is using a pick axe to mine ore from a mountain than can be smelted into ingots that can be crafting, using smithy tools, into weapons and armor.
In case you’re having problems with interaction and the whole UI (user interface) here is a guide by Maahes:

In order to interact with NPC’s you’ll need to use the buy/sell commands. These are “Vendor Buy” and “Vendor Sell” This chooses the nearest NPC. Sometimes it will try to sell to the wrong NPC. To choose a specific NPC use their name, such as “Danielle Sell” or “Roger Buy”.
Once you’ve accumulated enough money you can buy skill (usually up to 30) from NPC’s and NPC guild masters. Only certain NPC’s sell certain skill. You can use the command “(Name) train” and they’ll give a list of the skills they train, and then say “(Name) train (skill)” And the NPC will tell you how much it’ll cost to train you up to around 30 points. The just drag the amount of gold over the NPC and drop it, and you’ll gain the skill.
For a more detailed command list check here: ... tent=30969
Notice that not all commands work, as I said before, some of these commands are for expansions.
Gaining stats:
Stat gain can be very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. The point is to repeat the same skill over and over to gain Stats fast. Its possibly to get perfect stats in just a few hours. Most people prefer 100/100/25. No matter what, always get 100 strength because strength points are equal to health points. And do not try to tackle harder creatures until you’ve invested some time in raising strength. Here is Matron de Winter’s stat gain guide:
Spirit speak=intelligence
It isn’t very intuitive. Most people would think that simply swinging a sword and things would increase your strength, and it does, but not very fast. And many players never figure this out, because no one would use herding on their own as a means to increase strength. So follow this guide.

Macroing is assigning multiple actions to a program or key stroke. Macroing allows you to assign action to keystrokes rather than having to use the User Interface. It also allows you to perform actions and loop them in order to complete repetitive actions, such as crafting, without even being at the computer. Basically you just open the macro tab of Razor, hit record, do what you want the macro to do, and don’t want it to stop you check the “loop” box. These macros can get pretty complication, but basic macros are all you’ll need in the beginning. More info here:
and another guide by leterrien
That all!
Other links to great guides:

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 Post subject: Re: New Player Guide
PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:18 am 
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How about something less basic, more general money making, things to know about crafting, dungeons, and so on.


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