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Begging Question.
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Author:  Yaga [ Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Begging Question.

I started a Beggar just for the title, but seems to be stuck at 75.9.
I figured maybe my Karma is too, it was negative, so I decided to raise fame (2K) and karma (1K)
but still get message "They seem unwilling to give you any money"
i left it macroing for hours and not a single gain. was doing fine until it hit 75.9 then gains stopped.
Anyone have any tips on how I can get gains back?

Author:  a nerd [ Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Begging Question.

I would assume you are begging a captive NPC in your house. All NPC's have a separate "hidden" amount of gold to give beggars. I assume the NPC has ran out of "Beggar's" gold, so you are not succeeding, and you can't gain on fails. Karma can drop too low, but .....

uo.stratics.com via Internet Wayback machine, Oct, 1999.

Professions: The Beggar
The Beggar | The Life of a Beggar
The Beggar, by Hauntess of The Outpost; Edited by Xena Dragon

Begging can be a quite enjoyable and profitable experience as my testing of the skill has proved. It is relatively safe and, although the skill seems to go up rather slow, it does not play a major role in your success. When making a beggar character, pick 50 begging and 50 snooping. The need for snooping will be explained later on.

Start in Jhelom, Skara Brae, or any other town where NPC's are readily available. The most profitable NPC's to beg from are Nobles, Seekers of Adventure, Fighters, and Paladins.

Below is a simple summary to show how the begging skill works:

Your skill affects ONLY your success in begging. Meaning, it determines whether you will be given some money or not. It does NOT determine the amount of gold you receive.
If an NPC has 100 gold or more in its pack, it will give you 10 gold after each successful beg. Note, even if that NPC has more than 200 gold in its pack, it will still give only 10 gold pieces.
If an NPC has 90-99 gold in its pack, it will give 9 gold pieces. 80-89 will yield 8 gold pieces, and so on.
You can continue to beg from the same NPC until he or she runs out of gold.
(editors note: or until he or she has 9 or less gold)
If your karma gets too low, there is a chance the NPC will refuse to give you any gold at all.
You need some snooping skill to see if and how much money an NPC has in its pack prior to begging from it. This saves you the time and effort wasted on begging from an NPC with little or no gold.
(editors note: NPCs also have a 'hidden' reserve with gold that is used for giving out gold to beggars.)

The only danger to the beggar is a town thief. So be careful not to carry around a lot of money, and watch your back in general. And don't get discouraged if an NPC is not willing to part with its gold, it might be that it is flat broke.

Another note, NPC beggars can be quite an annoyance during begging so here is a way to get rid of them at least for some time. Type : '[name] bye' (where [name] is the name if that beggar).

Have fun!

Author:  Yaga [ Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Begging Question.

yes it was captive the one that got me to 75.9 at my house. after it stopped giving me gains I got rid of it and went to town and tried skill on shopkeepers and NPCs in town and same fail message "they seem unwilling to give you any money" leterally 10 out of 10 NPCs in brit. maybe i'm not asking the right NPCs.... i'll go to a different town and try more NPCs to try my luck.

Author:  Drunk'n Disorder [ Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Begging Question.

I remember I GM'd begging about a year ago... I honestly don't remember worrying about Karma. I basically just trapped an NPC in an Inn between two beds and kept begging him. Not sure how helpful this is.... but there ya go.

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