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 Post subject: Guide To T2A PvP
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:53 am 
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Wizard Combat

This part of the guide will focus entirely on wizard combat by a wizard I mean the standard Tank wizard template

Weapon Skill

100 strength 25 dex 100 int.

Before I go into the guide please familiarize yourself with the tactic of insta hit, what it means, how it's done and all the rest.

Guide here;

Wizard 1v1 Combat

Intro: In this part of the guide I will encompass mostly dueling factors as Field fighting has far too many combos for me to be bothered to list (explo pots, wands etc, too much effort).

Split into 3 sections:
fighting dexers


Now this is by far the most important part of Wizard fighting say what you want but if you have a flawless defence it's only gonna be luck that leads to your death.

Try to Keep at full health

There's no easier way to kill someone then if they simply let their health waste down over the course of a fight if you don't try to keep at full health.

Avoiding disrupt spam

you've got an opponent spamming clumsy on you? Simple way out of it is this. Go near your opponent whenever his weapon is unequipped and use attack last on him while using mini heal to regain health. This method wont work 100% of the time but its about the only way out of it.

Time your G-heals

This is probably how 70%~ of the playerbase dies. Wait for the damage from a delay spell to hit before you cast gheal otherwise they'll always get the disrupt.

The rest is down to you these are really the only tips I can give.


You aren't going to kill anyone with only magic or only weapon hits so the first thing you need to do is practice a couple of combos for 1v1 and then adjust them to your own style. Here's a quick list of easy combos to work off, there is no definitive combo that'll work so these are just bases for you to work off.

All duels should start with debuff > hit > debuff debuff > hit

Basic: Explosion, drop on target, Energy bolt, Arm weapon and hit, Drop energy bolt, weaken weaken, hit, Finish as desired.

Explosion, Arm weapon and Hit, Drop explo on target, Cast and hold disturb til they try to greater heal, Arm weapon and hit, drop disrupt, Finish as desired.

Cast flamestrike, Hit, drop flamestrike, cast ebolt, hit , drop ebolt.


Cast explosion, Hit, Drop explosion, weaken, hit , lightning, weaken (hold), Hit. Finish as desired.

Debuff debuff > hit > debuff debuff > hit > Loop (wont really work against good opponents a good idea is to double harm then theyre low as opposed to debuffs).

Cast Lightning, Hit, drop Lightning, cast ebolt, drop, hit, debuff down and finish as desired.

Slaying dexers:

Easiest thing in the world, make them start their bandage then count to 12, do as much damage in the first 9 seconds as possible then cast poison and drop it just before the bandage should hit. E-z killin, if they run explo pot or lightning wand them to death


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 Post subject: Re: Guide To T2A PvP
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:54 am 
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Wizard Group fighting

alot of this is copy pasted from a UO:R pvp guide I write so feel free to comment on anything that is out of place

This is broken upto into a few small sections

4. Communication
5. Faking
6. Reading your opponents
7. General tips & tricks


By far the hardest part of Wizard group fighting is healing a sync but there are ways to learn it but the only way too perfect it is practice!

Healing Methods:

1. By sound. The sound of the ebolt or flamestrike is when you hit your last target with the heal and it should heal a decent amount of damage but it requires practice to recognize what part of the sound u should heal at.

2. By animation. When the Ebolt animation is 2-4 Tiles from the target you use your last target key (Hoping that your teammate is last target) or click their bar.

And they're the only healing methods I know Im afraid ;/


Strengthing is basically keeping yourself at maximum Hp by either using strength pots or casting strength, clothing Etc. But it is a bit more complicated then it sounds.

The Method;

Use a strength pot before every drop while casting gheal while your partner(s) Heal that you will have another Heal prepped for the drop.
Remember the lower your strength the easier you are too kill.

Always Strength after a double weaken never a singular if theyre spamming otherwise you're just wasting pots.


The act of synchronizing damage with multiple players; usually using explosion, spell as a base for this.

Syncing here is needless simple as all damages can't really hit at once so you may as well spam last target when using ebolt.

Don't forget to wait for the fast cast delay when trying to sync.

~~i'll add more here as i think of it but it's really so easy to sync heres its sort of pointless~~


The basics Using some sort of voice program will put you at an advantage to most pvpers as you can communicate alot quicker then through text.

My recommended voice programs would be;
Ventrilo (good for calling with Binds but there is a delay of when u speak to when people hear)
Skype (Almost no delay but lacks other functions)
Teamspeak (Never used this)

When Group pvping Make sure you have 1 person calling targets and syncs and heals. If you aren't calling you should only say certain things and not incessantly chat over people *cough* Joe Brophy *cough*


Common Things to call;

* Targets
* 2 1 Drop
* Heals on xxxx
* misc tactics that you feel appropriate


* Heals on xxxx
* Disrupted/Location of enemy
* if opponent is stunned
* Misc tactics/information you feel is appropriate

Reading your opponents
Too start with the most important thing which is Reading your opponents you need to know when they're defensive (healing,Strengthing) and when they're offensive (attacking or casting damage spells).


This is the easiest way to die to cast explosion when an opponent is already loaded (casted explosion). IF you can read your opponents and know what they're doing or what they plan to do next you're one step ahead of the game.


The only real way to learn this is too play and take note.

* Be vigilant
* Be quick to respond
* Have great communication with your teammates


Faking is just your way too get offensive on an opponent it's fairly complicated but really it's as simple as casting Ebolt when they cast explosion and pretend too drop at certain times but really it's only something that can be practiced and not taught (At least by me).

Tips & tricks;

Make the most of your insta hits you will need them.

in a 2v2? Insta hit both opponents if you want to waste their mana and one if you want them to go defensive you may even get the cheap kill.

if you're both getting disrupt spammed mini heal.

i'll add more as i think of it


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 Post subject: Re: Guide To T2A PvP
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:54 am 
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Further tips and counter attacking;

Contrary to belief the best way to kill people in a group fight isn't directly from an explo ebolt sync as pretty much all half decent players can get through that with a gheal and a pot so here's a couple of tactics you may wanna try if this is the case;

Your partner/you (generally whoever has the lowest mana) Casts heal and the other gets explosion up, heal the damages and make sure you're both alive til they begin loading here is where you strike, Target the one who casted first, sync them with you doing

Ebolt, hally hit
your partner does explo ebolt hally hit. Try and sync it, if both swings connect they'll die 9/10 times.

Note this next one is very situational and quite hard to pull off sometimes;

Both loaded, drop early on the person who isn't target with just the ebolt and try to get your hally swing the on the other (its easier to do with explo pots) then you should have done, 2 explo 1 ebolt and 2 hits to the target slaying them quite indefinitely.

Last tactic but this one wont always work, only against idiots will it be effective.

as they load you cast ebolts, wait for the fast cast and drop straight into them with hallys e-z enough


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 Post subject: Re: Guide To T2A PvP
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:51 am 
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 Post subject: Re: Guide To T2A PvP
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:41 pm 
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I enjoyed this...some useful information in here. Thanks for taking the time to write this guide.


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