Join us on irc #secondagetrade

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Join us on irc #secondagetrade

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Feel free to join us on secondage irc trade channel #secondagetrade to advertise your wares or buy swap sell

Click to open IRC Chat Window

once connected simply /join #secondagetrade

If you prefer to use mIRC:

Get mIRC here:

Once you have an IRC Client installed on your computer, you need to connect to the IRC Server. The fastest way to do is it to click this link:


If you want to do this manually, You have to follow these steps:

Launch mIRC
First you will see "options" menu(alt+o). set your nickname to what you want other people to see you as. Suggested is to use your ingame name.

In the options menu, you see a list to the left. Under 'Connect' you see 'Servers'.
Click 'Add'.
Description: Second Age IRC
IRC Server:
Port: 6667 (Default)
Press 'Add'

Now press 'Connect to Server' and within a few seconds you should see the welcome messages and network information.
To join a channel you type;

/join #secondagetrade


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