T2A and UOSA

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UOSA Donor!!
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T2A and UOSA

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Daltrey wrote:It is curious to me, the fact that UO is the only true sandbox game that I'm aware of, which is why so many people keep coming back to it after so many years, and I continually see people stuck in the mindset that their way of playing is the "best" or "only" way. There is so much more to this game than Vas Ort Flam-Corp Por-Hally Whack. Has is crossed your mind that some people want to try new things in order to keep UO fresh for them? Even if that means - gasp! - being a pure dexer? Or creating characters with virtually no PVP skills?

I've spent my entire time on this shard training skills I've never trained before, PVPing in ways I've never PVP'd before, PVMing in ways I've never PVM'd before, etc. It's been a heck of a fun time. It's amazing how much I can still find in this game that I've never tried before.

You make your own fun in UO, though. If you play this game for a specific type of PVP, and you're not seeing that happen, then make it happen. Join or start a guild, and war against a guild that enjoys the same type of PVP as you, and is bound by a code to stand and fight in the face of danger. There are lots of people here, and I guarantee that you will find people who see things the same way as you.

This was down in Trash Talk, but I thought it should be moved up here where more civil discourse takes place. I also think it's one of the best things said about the game, the time period, players, and staff of the shard who make such an outlook not only possible but plausible. I just didn't want to see the diamond amongst the cesspool get washed away.

Well said Daltrey.

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Re: T2A and UOSA

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Well, thank you!

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Re: T2A and UOSA

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Been here 4 days and I agree. Great attitude.

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