Halloween Trick or Treat Results 2013

A collection and archive of non-player ran, Shard Events.
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Re: Halloween Trick or Treat Results 2013

Post by Dyne »

WOW that is bright, shining up my castle, turn it off bix, I can't sleep with that much light coming in.

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Re: Halloween Trick or Treat Results 2013

Post by azheman »

cool prize.

I'm sure they would've given top 3 if Vega wasn't in that list.

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Re: Halloween Trick or Treat Results 2013

Post by smit9352 »

Lord Mammoth wrote:Then when I posted that the top spot would get something you shouldn't be expecting or complaining about not getting anything if you weren't the top spot.

Is what I'm seeing
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Re: Halloween Trick or Treat Results 2013

Post by armybyz »

GuardianKnight wrote:Atleast he told you that the 1st place would get something this time.
I could imagine that a person like Vega, who started early, mapped out his areas, worked hard, went to work, came back home and continued until server down, only to make 2nd place..... he would probably be feeling kind of slighted. Obviously this isn't the intention, but thems the breaks. It is what it is.

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Re: Halloween Trick or Treat Results 2013

Post by LotharTheGreat »

I'd be happy with prizes for 1st thru 7th place...

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Re: Halloween Trick or Treat Results 2013

Post by LiquidFire »

I know this is kind of dead but I just found it and want to first say, thanks for going through the effort of putting up a list of how many houses each player knocked on!

Second, a prize for top 3 would be cool but im just happy to see the list and the first prize gift back, next year, I am going to try and get first, last year I humped it for 8 hours, thought I hit every house and didn't even get in top 3 so it deff is a feat to get first, congrats to the winner!

Thirdly, I only ran the map for 4 or 5 hours this year and only hit the big neighborhoods really and I was surprised to see I made 17th, im actually kind of proud of myself, gives me inspiration to go for gold next year, so every get set, you got another competitor to go against.

And besides the prizes, the value of the silver alone from trick or treating is worth it alone, ya you can make more farming with your time, but this beats farming. @ 20k a piece of silver on the high end, I made around 240k, that's a pretty good 17th place prize in my book.

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