03-07-2015 1v1 PvP Tournament

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Boomland Jenkins
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03-07-2015 1v1 PvP Tournament

Post by Boomland Jenkins »

Tonight at 8pm EST there will be a 1v1 tournament at the dueling pits located at 4' 34'N 12' 5'W. Red Pots/GM weapons.

Tonight's Fights: http://challonge.com/w29lwyz4

Murderers are welcome to come but with extended risk. There is a "murderer seating zone" located on top of one of the buildings.

Just a warning:
This area works the same a standard wilderness. Come at your own risk as you can be killed there and if you're not fighting an official match, you are not offered any additional protection.

Eat. Sleep. Ultima.

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Re: 03-07-2015 2v2 PvP Tournament

Post by Populus »

Feluccan event, awesome! Shame I can't/couldn't make it.

Will there be more events like these?

UOSA Donor!!
UOSA Donor!!
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Re: 03-07-2015 1v1 PvP Tournament

Post by Ragancy »

Thanks, Boomland. Pretty good turnout.

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UOSA Donor!!
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Re: 03-07-2015 1v1 PvP Tournament

Post by Abyz »

Gj Kister... I'm very sad I missed this.

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