04-15-2015 1v1 PvP Tournament

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04-15-2015 1v1 PvP Tournament

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This tournament will begin at 7pm EST at the dueling pits located at 4' 34'N 12' 5'W (see below). Red Pots/GM weapons. Murderers are welcome to come but with extended risk. There is a "murderer seating zone" located on top of one of the buildings.

To sign up, simply PM me in IRC in the hours leading up or show up a the Arena by 6:45 to pre-register with me.

Tonight's Matches: http://challonge.com/dpet4ek3

Just a warning:
This area works the same a standard wilderness. Come at your own risk as you can be killed there and if you're not fighting an official match, you are not offered any additional protection.

Field #2 in the image below:

Eat. Sleep. Ultima.

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