AoJ update

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AoJ update

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A few have asked what the current status of the guild is. We are still going strong although time is being split between 2 realms. The guildstone here on UOSA has been handed over to Werther who spends the majority of his time here and is an ideal role model for the guild. I have recently started playing in the shadows again on this server and have met some nice new players. The toxic people in discord remain toxic and good at running people away as several examples have shown, but now Crystalline has made a trash/hate channel where they are free to be toxic there which in turn has made our general discord much more pleasant. For those members not in our guild discord who feel 'orphaned' please get in contact with me or Werther and we will get you added back to the channel. Many were removed due to inactivty but if your active just let me know and we will get you back in.

Werther has been slowly recruiting a few here and there. He has some events planned on the horizon, so AoJ will once again be a thing on this server. My personal involvement will come and go but AoJ will remain strong. I look forward to playing with you all again soon.


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Grofus is the man tho
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^ agreed
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Re: AoJ update

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