New client installer.

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Re: New client installer.

Post by iamreallysquall »

Razor - settings for Windows 7

Right click the Razor program
Compatibility tab
Check box for:

* Run this program in compatibity mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

Check Disable visual themes
Check Disable desktop composition
Check: Run this program as an administrator

(If using Windows Vista, the settings should be similar to the above)

In the Razor window, General tab, un-check "Use smart CPU usage reduction", i.e. do not use "smart CPU reduction".

Reasons for these settings:

* Running Razor as Administrator allows Razor to save your settings and macros.
* Running Razor in Windows XP SP3 comptability mode avoids the "white screen freeze" issue.
* Disabling visual themes and desktop composition allows Razor to write to the Window Frame Header - e.g. show health/mana/stamina bar, reagents counters etc.
* Enabling the "Use smart CPU usage reduction" option can cause lag and animation issues.

else from that i dunno why you are getting can not connect but you will need to do the above as well

Joshua Rage
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Re: New client installer.

Post by Joshua Rage »

Thank You iamreallysquall. I appreciate the time you spent providing details on how to solve this issue to the best of your knowledge. Although I have tried all of these steps, one thing i couldnt get was the..

Windows XP SP(3)..

Currently I have been trying to run the same setup you showed me with the exception being Windows XP SP(2).
I downloaded the XP SP(3), extracted the files but when I go to switch from SP2 to SP3 it doesnt show up under the compatibility tab for Razor.

Any chance this could be because im running Vista 32 bit?
Or because it really does need Windows XP Service Pack (3) to connect correctly?

Any advice or information is always appreciated Thank You!

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Re: New client installer.

Post by Delirious »

I work in IT so I wanted to see if there way any way i could help.

Other than support for Vista/7 (or even XP since UOT2A came out in the '98 days), what is stopping the server from running with a classic client? patches, maybe, I can understand...

Please help me understand.

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Re: New client installer.

Post by mental »

what is that? i open Client Login Password enter and thiss "there is some Problem communicating with origin. Please restart Ultima online and try egain"

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Re: New client installer.

Post by Wonko the Sane »

Open Razor and let Razor open the client for you.

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