DOWNLOAD: UO Auto-Map 8.3 - UOSA Edition

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DOWNLOAD: UO Auto-Map 8.3 - UOSA Edition

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UO Auto-Map

What is UOAM?
UO Auto-Map (UOAM for short) is a supplement to UO's radar map. You could call it a kind of GPS for UO.

It's a utility that displays a portion of Ultima Online's map. The map can be scaled, tilted to match UO's orientation, labeled and configured in a number of different ways. You can even link up with your friends and have UOAM keep track of their locations as well.

  • Allows you to link with your friends and keep track of everyone's location in the game.
  • Lets you chat with your friends while you play.
  • The map can be oriented with North at the top or tilted 45 degrees to the right just like UO's radar map (only better).
  • The map can be zoomed and resized.
  • Any location on the map can be labeled and categorized.
  • Labels are configurable: choose any icon, font, size or color.
  • You can define your own categories.
  • Places can be grouped and stored across multiple files.
  • Labels can be turned on or off as a whole or by category.
  • Find any spot on the map by name or by category.
  • Keeps the map centered on your player, just like UO's radar map (only better).
  • Labels are available for nearly all of the major locations in Britannia and the Lost Lands.

Release Notes

This is a custom installation of UOAM that includes all files needed for proper execution of UOAM. If you already have UOAM working then you don't need to download this unless you want a new installer to use. This is also (mostly) the same installation that is included with the UOSA Client Installer package, with the exception for a couple changes as noted below.

  • Includes slightly tweaked registry settings to enhance the default installation.
  • Includes pre-generated Felucca map cache files (this is more of a beta test).
  • Includes an updated treasure map file which now uses THB labels just like our rune libraries, rather than the old unused NWNE1 coordinates. THB 100 on UOAM is map location 100 on the THB website, and location 100 in any of our shard's rune libraries.

Installation Notes
No, there is no way to disable or remove the update check that happens once a day when you run UOAM. It is tightly integrated into UOAM and cannot be removed or bypassed. It's only once a day so it's not a big deal. Also, no, it does not actually update any files, and all files needed to run UOAM are included.

Upon first running UOAM after installation you may be prompted with this dialog:
Do not change any check marks, just hit OK and continue.

If you are not logged into the game already, do it now so we can verify that everything is working correctly.

At this point UOAM should be working correctly, and you should see your location on the map. Note that UOAM only tracks the most recently opened client and there is no way to switch between which client it tracks.

If UOAM is not tracking your most recently opened client here are the most common issues:
  • Incorrect UO Client Data File Location detected.
    This setting is set to automatically detect UO's directory, but there are a number of reasons that it might not. So first verify that the detected path is correct by going to the Map menu and choosing UO client data files location
    It should have your correct UO path in it. If it does not then uncheck the box to have UOAM locate the path automatically and enter your correct path, hit ok.

  • Invalid/non-existent map cache - after installing UOAM, changing the path to your data files, or tracking error.
    If you are prompted with this dialog for map cache, optimally you should choose the Faster setting for each of the 3 sliders. This ensures quickest response time using UOAM. You access the cache settings by going to the Map menu and choosing Felucca Map Performance Settings. You will see this dialog:
When you push OK you should see a "UOAM is building data files" dialog. This process will take a few moments to generate the maps. If you do not get this dialog then it didn't quite work as it was supposed to. Go back into the map performance settings and hit the Default button, then hit ok. Repeat once more and move the sliders to Faster again and hit OK, at this point it should generate the map files correctly,

Those two issues are the only issues I've ever experienced with tracking issues, and resolving one or both of them has always fixed the problem for anyone who I've helped. At this point if it is still not working for you then you have some deeper issue.

Treasure Hunting
UO's treasure maps are generated directly from the same map files as UOAM's map.

If you zoom UOAM out to 1/2 zoom and turn off the tilt (press Ctrl+T until North points up) then UOAM's map will be the exact same scale and orientation as your treasure map. At that point it's a snap to find exactly where the pin is located, especially if you have enabled UOAM's Treasure Map label collection.
To enable or disable the treasure map file (or any other file), go to Map>Additional Settings, switch to the Files tab, and check or uncheck Treasure
You will then see the treasure chest locations on the map.

Linking lets you create a quasi-party for your guild/hunting group. It throws everyone onto the map like Razor does right now when you are in a party. When parties are removed from UOSA the UOAM link is the only way to have a group linked together. Go to Link>Link Controls to access it. UOAM has been pre-configured to work with UOSA's UOAM server.

Enter your name that you want to be displayed on the map
and hit Link to Server

Once you are connected you can see a list of who else is connected to the server and where they are by going to the Players tab
There just so happens to be someone else connected at the time of making these screen shots, so that works out really well for this!
Push Track or double click on the player to locate them on the map.

Connecting to the default server, with no password, will connect you to the public server accessible by everyone, so everyone connected will know you or your hunting party's location. Enter a password, any password, to essentially create a private server. Only players using the same password will see you on the map.

Party chat is available in game by typing -- <space> message. The UOAM window does not need to be focused for this to work, and the UOAM chat window does not need to be open either. It will show in game just like the old party/guild chat. You can have the UOAM chat window open if you like, but it's not needed.

Go To Location
One of the more useful features of UOAM in my opinion, go to a location by world coordinates or by longitude/latitude.
Right click on the map and select Go To Location, or Places > Go To Location, or CTRL+G

Chillin on IRC some evening?
[14:53] <Jorune> IDOC - 1319, 969 - let me know if u want a gate
Instantly see where 1319,969 is and travel to it!
Got a MIB? Enter the coordinates and add a new location label to it so you know where to sail and do them all in groups.

Those are all the topics I'm covering for now. If you have any comments/suggestions or need any help send me a PM, or create a new thread in the Client support forum. I'm going to have this thread locked so that it doesn't get cluttered up with nonsense. I'll update the thread as needed with new information or fixes.

Download Links
UO Auto-Map 8.3 Full Install (7MB)
UO Auto-Map 8.3 Mini Install (345K)
The mini install does not include the Felucca pre-gen map cache files, if you are competent enough to create them on your own with the above instructions.
If you only want the new treasure map file and not the whole install package: File
This is the new Treasure map file with the THB locations, just save it to your UOAM directory and overwrite the existing file.


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