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Re: Updates For Testing

Post by nightshark »

Faust wrote:When you invis your pet the combatant status is lost from the attacker since he can no longer acquire the pet. However, you have introduced a concept that wasn't previously examined I don't think... For example, say you have a horse and it's attacked by a player. You cast invisibility on the horse and the player loses his combatant status with the horse. I'm wondering what validation checks come into play for a horse in this situation. Does the validation only check to see if the horse has a combatant or does it check to see if the horse combatant and the horse's combatant is the horse? This is something that should be looked into in the original code.

In that case the horse should still be tabbed in to whatever it was fighting (on OSI). The player who is attacking the horse must be invised or leave the screen - 100% sure of that.

The player (who is attacking the horse) combatant status shouldn't matter, only what the horse is doing. - Not 100% on that but 95%.

IE: if the horse currently has a target, it can't be mounted.
If a player is currently in combat with the horse but the horse has no target, it can be mounted. (The only way this is possible is by the aggressor being made invisible).

Not sure what the current case is here, everything I checked matched my memory though.

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Re: Updates For Testing

Post by Faust »

Batlin wrote:
The command was just a replica of the 'stay' command before it was implemented in January '00 after our cutoff date.
I'm not convinced this is true. OSI's pet script suggests that "stay" affects "following mode" only, whereas "stop" affects both following and guard mode.

There are too many unknowns at the moment about the NPC AI to give a clear answer. Someone with some free time at his hand could play with pets in the demo and write down what's happening.

Found this little tid bit of information the other day Batlin...

Google Groups - http://groups.google.com/group/rec.game ... 22%2B1999# wrote:Right now, mentionning an animals name in a sentence will cause them to forget a previous stay command. For instance, if I said "Can I have some carrots for Horse?" Horse would start to wander around.

Does this "all" command mean that any time I say the word "all" my horse will start wandering? "All" is not an uncommon word in the English language.

Perhaps a requirement can be added that it start a sentence. I'd like this for other pets anyway. And if they don't understand an order, they should keep following the "stay" command. :)

This discussion was before the 'all' command was implemented.

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