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Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Post by Kaivan »

After the rather recent rise in uncivil posting behavior, I feel that it is time to re-post our forum rules which were lost some time ago. Please read these rules and keep them in mind when posting. We would like this forum to be a constructive place.
  • Posts within a specific forum should be related to that forum's intent (i.e. posts in Second Age Discussion should be about Second Age).
  • Posts specifically advertizing for another server are not allowed anywhere on the forums.
  • Intentional attacks on another forum poster based on their in-game or forum conduct should be limited to the Trash Talk forum. It goes without saying that attacking someone based simply on who the person behind the keyboard is not allowed as an extension of this.
  • Posts intended to derail threads or start a trash talking match between forum posters should be limited to the Trash Talk forum.
  • Profanity should be kept out of the indexed forums (everything except the "Other" forum), and kept to a reasonable level outside of the Trash Talk forum.
  • Posts that discuss controversial non-UOSA related topics are allowed in the "Other" forum, provided the discussion is handled maturely.
  • Scams may not be perpetrated in the Trading Posts section of the forum. This has been a rule for quite some time, but has been lacking on our general rules. See our guidelines for reporting a forum scam.
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic or other similar disparaging remarks used for nothing other that inflammatory comments do not have any place on the Second Age forums, including the Trash Talk forum.
  • Posting any personal information about another poster is strictly forbidden in any section of the Second Age forum, unless the information has been divulged directly on the forums by said poster.
  • Threads designed to attack unwilling participants based on personal information are not allowed anywhere on the forums. Threads for willful participation should be limited to the Trash Talk section.
  • Forum signatures will contain appropriate content for a family-friendly environment.
  • Posters will not provide links to locations that contain trojans or other malware/viruses.
  • As with the IRC rules, enforcement of these rules is up to the discretion of the moderator and may be retroactively enforced. If you should have a grievance regarding the way in which a moderator acted, please PM Derrick or another UOSA staff member.
  • To report a post, simply click the "Report Post" button (Image) and fill in the appropriate information. Please do not abuse the "report post" feature. Only report posts you genuinely believe to be breaking the listed forum rules, or if you feel that the post should be called to the attention of the moderators. Abuse of this feature will lead to forum account warnings, possible limited forum access, or forum bans.
  • At any time, any UOSA staff member may perform an addendum to the above rules.
Infractions of these rules carry a penalty ranging, at the discretion of the administrator, from a forum warning up to and including an in-game ban.

Last update: September 24, 2013
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Re: Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Post by Braden »

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