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Join Discord! and Discord Rules

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The easiest way to join our Discord server is to click the link "Discord Chat" which is in the list of links at the far top of all forums and website pages, or in game using the "[discord" command.

We have since moved on from IRC as our official chat protocol after many years of use, but I will more or less reuse the IRC rules in their entirety as they have served us well:

Second Age Discord Rules:
  • No backseat moderating.
  • Absolutely no flaming and bashing of other users in the channels. This is best left to as private messaging, your own server, and the trash talk forums.
  • No excessive profanity, this is at the discretion of a server operator
  • No racism, religion, drugs, or political discussion
  • Stay on topic. Discussion on things other than UO, should not be at the expense of new users who are trying to get a question answered.
  • User bans are not open to discussion in Discord channels
    • The use of this server is a privilege.
    • Please contact the Second Age staff if you believe your removal from the server was unjust.
  • No advertising/spamming/flooding in the channel; No ALL caps.
  • All advertising for in game wares should be directed to the #trade-chatter channel
  • No server ban evasion, this could result in a permanent ban and/or bans on our other mediums (forums, shard)
  • No transmitting the personal details of other users (name, phone number, social security number, bank/credit card numbers, etc).
  • Harassment of staff, ban evasion, or botting could be grounds for a shard ban.
  • These rules apply all the time, we will retroactively ban for violations of these rules even if no ops were on at the time.
  • Trading should be conducted in one of the alternative channels specified for trading. Perpetrating scams may not be done in our Discord channels. Save it for ingame. However don't assume that just because we have this rule people won't try to scam you in channel, but Discord bans may be enforced after the fact.
  • Solicitation of our users in Discord for commercial purpose, or the advertising of other games in Discord will result in a permanent ban from all Second Age Services by account and IP. This applies to the solicitation of our users via private messaging as well.
The staff of Second Age reserve the right to modify the following set of rules without prior warning, explanation or justification. Failure to comply with these rules may result in your temporary or permanent removal from the channel.

Discord is a freeware proprietary VoIP and text chat application designed for gaming communities.

You can launch it in a browser window or download the standalone application.


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