Two new quests.

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by Derrick »

The mining quest is now working again.
Most quests start off with a greeting, hi, hello, hail, etc.
The mining quest (Starts at Mt Kendall in Minoc) requires 90 mining skill. But if you do not qualify, she should let you know.

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by Flower »

I have asked before but nobody seems to know, is there somewhere here that gives any info on these classic quest?

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by BlackFoot »

what kind of info are you looking for?

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by XaN »

Can we get a quest thread, and where to start them... I don't want walkthrus i just want a starting point.

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by Thesbus »

I've never done a quest in UO before, what are the rewards from doing these quests?

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by Alex21 »

Do the quests stick around or eventually get deactivated?

I never see any quests and end up reading all about them long after they are gone?

Do the quests sort of randomly cylce through being active? Can only be started during daylight hours?

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by kill drizitz »

these two quests are over a year old, pretty sure they are deactivated now. but when they were still around, you just had to find the npc, talk to him and start the quest. no daylight rules etc, just have to talk to him the right way, which was tuff at first hehe.

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Re: Two new quests.

Post by Roser »

Super old bump!

Im pretty sure the mining quest is still working?

There is an unmentioned one in the Blur Boar tavern that has to do with rats.

And is the Judas one deactivated?

More little quests like these would be awesome.

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