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Post by Marcus_ »

When you click, and drag spells out of your spellbook onto your interface, and right click them to remove they always return on game start up. Is that client side, razor, or can you make it so they stay current?

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Re: Spellbook

Post by Maahes »

Do you usually use the log out button to exit the game? If you don't the game might not be saving changed setting such as this

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Re: Spellbook

Post by Derrick »

Aye, best to set up all your spells and the rest of your desktop, with only one client open, then log out and close client to save them

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Re: Spellbook

Post by Trephination »

I would like to augment my spellbook so that it shows an image of the reagents used.
(rather than displaying the names of the reagents)

It would be much more colorful and... it would make it much easier for me to memorize the components for each spell.

I would ASSUME the components displayed for each spell in the book is entirely client side.

Any thoughts on the matter before I start this project?

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