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UOSA Donor!!
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Kryptonical & Co

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Kryptonical & Co
The Finest Wares In All Of Britannia

Do you remember when Yew used to be the shopping district? An unrivaled powerhouse, The areas between Yew Bank and Yew gate would contain every item you needed. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

No longer will you have to run around the forests of Yew for 30 minutes just looking for that special item. No longer will you have run from store to store in one shopping trip. Introducing
Kryptonical & Co, your one stop shop for all your buying needs!

From regs to rares, Kryptonical & Co has everything you need!
Come enjoy our
free public black dye tub, Full dungeon, tmap, lockpicking, and more rune library.

Some of our vendors include:
  • Two Fully Stocked Reg Vendors, both on the front steps.
  • Scribe Items - Single Scrolls, Full Spell Books, Full and Empty Rune Books
  • Full Kegs
  • Quick Potion Pouches
  • GM & Magic Armor and Weapons
  • Full Range of Deadly Poisoned Weapons
  • All House Add Ons
  • Bows, Arrows, and Bolts
  • Bandaids, and Food
  • Full Range of Rares
  • Single and Bulk Treasure Maps and MIB's
  • And much, much more!

Located so close to Empathy Abbey that you can't possibly miss it.
Why settle for less? Stop by today (or tomorrow; we're not picky) and see for yourself!

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