Price Check: Rare spawning items

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Re: Price Check: Rare spawning items

Post by captainrong »

Great Post

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Re: Price Check: Rare spawning items

Post by orevamp »

beads- 1k
Bloody Bandage - Very common, 5k max
Dried Herbs/Flowers- 5-10k
Roll of Wire(s) - 1-3k
Rope - 5-7k
chessman- 20-30k
horseshoes- 15-20k
Rusty Iron Key - 500 GP
Shackles - 50-60k
liberty bell- 25-35k
indeciphrable maps light grey 50-75k dark 100k+
reversed treasure maps 30-40k
empty tub 20-30k
Tall Candle 10-20k
indestructible shovel 30-50k
Basket - 10-15k
Bowl of Soup/Stew - 10-15k
Bridle - 30-40k
Broken Chair - 50-70k
Brush - 15-20k
Bucket (container) - 15-25k
Bucket of Water - 8-15k
Colored Glass Bottle - 90-115k
Dirty Frypan - 2-5k
Dirty Small Round Pot - 2-5k
Empty Jar - 10-15k
Empty Vials - 25-30k
Fruit Basket - 20-25k
Full Jars - (4/40-50k)(3/30-40k)(2/20-30k)(1/10-20k)
Full Vials - 35-40k
Hay (T2A) - 35-45k
Hay (Thin) - 25-30k
Horse Dung - 30-40k+
Knitting - Semi-Rare, 5-10k
Pile of Arrows -"pyramid" 50-70k "flat" 30-45k
Playing Cards - (single 1k) (3 fanned 25-35k) (two fanned with a single in the middle 60-70k)
Rock (T2A) - 35-50k
Rock (Bucs) - 20-30k
Skull Mug - 30-40k
Whip - 10-15k
Tarot Cards -No longer spawning
Bone Container - 200-250k
Blood Tiles - 3-500k
Pot of wax - 110-140k
Skull Candle - 400k+
Sandstone Table Piece -500k+
Cannonballs - 40-60k
Sheet Music - 40-50k
Bloody Water - 110-140k
Wig - 40-50k
Wig Stand - Identical to a Disguise Kit 40-50k
Small vase - 40-45k
Large vase - 250-300k
A Crystal ball - 5-10k
Ingots - 10-30k
Damaged Books - 150-200k
Sheet music - 40-60k
Tall Candelabra - 350-450k

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Re: Price Check: Rare spawning items

Post by keelonzo »

Price Check on Rolling Pins and Flower Sifter please.

Have the Rolling Pins on my vendor for 750 and they haven't moved in 2 weeks.

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Re: Price Check: Rare spawning items

Post by Star Hunter »

500 each

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Re: Price Check: Rare spawning items

Post by Grogor »

It seems that I am the only one that regularly sells rares on this shard anymore...

Therefore, here are prices on rares that I have sold in the last year or so.

I understand that the price of something is whatever someone will pay for it, so take this with a grain of salt.

beads- 1k
Bloody Bandage - 1k
Dried Herbs/Flowers- 5k
Roll of Wire(s) - 1k
Rope - 5k
chessman- 20k
horseshoes- 10k
Shackles - 35k
reversed treasure maps 20k
empty tub 15
Tall Candle 8k
Basket - 7k
Bowl of Soup/Stew - 10k
Bridle - 20k
Broken Chair - 30k
Brush - 10k
Bucket of Water - 7k
Colored Glass Bottle - 90k
Dirty Frypan - 5k
Dirty Small Round Pot - 4k
Empty Jar - 5k
Empty Vials - 20k
Fruit Basket - 15k
Full Jars - (4/20k)(3/15k)(2/10k)(1/5k)
Full Vials - 20k
Hay (T2A) - 25k
Hay (Thin) - 20k
Horse Dung - 50k+
Pile of Arrows -"pyramid" 45k "flat" 30k
Playing Cards - (single 1k) (3 fanned 20k) (two fanned with a single in the middle 50k)
Rock (T2A) - 30k
Rock (Bucs) - 30k
Skull Mug - 10k
Whip - 10k
Bone Container - 200-250k
Pot of wax - 90k
Skull Candle - 300k
Sandstone Table Piece ??
Cannonballs - 25k
Sheet Music - 30k
Bloody Water - 100k
Wig - 30k
Wig Stand - 30k
Small vase - 35k
Large vase - 200k
Ask/Answer ball - 5k
Ingots - 5k per ingot in stack (1,3,5 = 5,15,25k)
Damaged Books - 95k
Tall Candelabra - 350k

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