To other new guys- random crap I've learned in a week

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Re: To other new guys- random crap I've learned in a week

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orangemage wrote:sorry for my bad english =)

That's ok sorry for my bad spelling :)

An Archer is a HARD toon to PvP (he really needs to be with group or maybe 2 other archers)
My archer has a 2nd combat skill, mace, fencing, or you could wrestle & get magic up (I have never been good with magic toons but) I "think" Wrestle will help get bow shots & spells off.
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Re: To other new guys- random crap I've learned in a week

Post by archaicsubrosa77 »

orangemage wrote:what skills build do i need for an archer (pvp/pvm - 50/50)
I think necessary

archery 100
anatomy 90
healing 90
tactics 90
Resisting Spells 90
magery 50
meditation need?

190 points free..
Resisting spells

You want 95 str 90 dex 40 int so you can precast meteor swarm run around target next humanoid to you get your target then attack last fire bow release spell wait a little longer then a second while prepping a purple potion, arm your hally (search insta hit or weapon cycling) and then hit them with both.

The best way to kill with an archer is either strike first with a big combo like that, or kite them and when your bow hits try to get another hit with your hally then immediately switch to your katana and keep well stocked on purples.

If you want to precast meteor swarm mid fight, get one of those large Yew tables and set a table macro with one of them to give you time to cast. (search that one too). That way you can pre-cast and do the combo I stated above once your bow timer is ready. If you make the macro to include the shift key as your hot key you can actually hold the shift key down after it drops to also release the spell without interrupting it and ensure distance between you and your opponent when you do enough to both discharge the magic and get your hally timer ticking.

Remember to set your hotkeys to dress XD lately since I started from scratch second time around and never finished one character yet I am double clicking almost everything XD But you want to set macros to arm your primary weapons and spells at the very least. I just been lazy farming not caring much if I live or die until I get the builds I want together up.
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Re: To other new guys- random crap I've learned in a week

Post by Vearyx »

Hey guys, so i'm super new here. I played Uo in 98 and then quit for a few. Well a long time. Got into Racing and i was wondering, back in the day i had a swords/lumber jack that i farmed liches and pvped with. I also had a wrestling mage.

Just curious, i'm more into the building gear and weapons side of things, How is the market on this server, Is there even a need for a tradesman. And If i was going to PvM and PvP what are some good and easy yet survivable types of builds i could make, Other then doing the Swords/lumberjack and wrestle/mage.

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Re: To other new guys- random crap I've learned in a week

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hello sorry for the non topic related question but I cannot seem to post anywhere else. I installed everything as per website, seems like Razor isnt working right I need a bit of help if anyone wants to give me a hand.

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