BJV Island Battle Royal (player run last man stanting from zero item)

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BJV Island Battle Royal (player run last man stanting from zero item)

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Hello everyone,

I would like you to inform of a new event that BJV is going to run eveyr month, starting from october 2022.

The event is a Battle Royal event, to be held at BJV Island (aka justice island, aka waterfall island)

Players willing to participate will go to BJV Castle, waiting for a gate to transport them to a single blocked tile in the main room of a large brick house, placed on BJV Island. Participants must have an empty backpack (empty backpack means no newbified items other than the spellbook).
In the large brick two small rooms, there will be crates, barrels and chests, each containing gear for the participants to play. You will find weapons, regs, pots, armours and so forth. Nobody will know which container contains what, and be aware, some containers may be trapped, others may be locked but rest assured, locked ones (you can open with GM magery) will have better gear.
The idea is that players collect items they deem useful from chests and start killing each other in a Battle Royal event, until only one player is alive. That player will be the winner of the event.
Prizes are yet to be defined, and may vary according to attendance.
For any suggestions write down here or contact BJV on discord UOSA general chat, PK Blade Spirit [BJV]#2124.

Here below you can find the link to BJV web page describing the event.

Hope to see you soon!


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