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WTS Grandfatherd Items!!

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:49 pm
by NeverEverDie
Hey There. Got a few items here to sell. Everything is GF and we can perform a beat test for any items purchased. Im only looking for gold . No coins or trades. Serious Buyers Only.

Will check back here next week , I have no time limit on this and I will be leaving town. Will check back here in December. Thanks. These Items were donated to me from some leet pixels.

GF Blacks - 8 Mil SB NO BO
GF Red 1634 20Mil BO only
GF Bridals - 8 Mil SB NO BO
GF 1109 Kilt 5 Mil SB NO BO
GF Champion of Virtue 15Mil SB