Guild Rules

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Guild Rules

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Guild Rules

On New Players

Since it's founding (then known as FoW) the guild has strived to help new players get established as well as offered new players a group to participate with. As such, all members of C^V are asked to treat it's newer players with respect, as well as help them whenever possible. This extends to Candidates to be guilded.


We will gladly take Candidates for the guild out hunting a couple of times before holding a vote in the Council regarding acceptance into the guild. This process may take a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. We ask that candidates be patient. Participating in hunts and guild events as much as possible certainly will help reduce this time.


Members are expected to treat other players with a certain level of decency. C^V is by no means a G-rated guild, however that does not entitle our members to do whatever they please. Simply use common sense. Blatant harassment of other players or simply unnecessary speech (such as racist or otherwise hateful remarks) will result in a quick banning.

PKing and Griefing

Our stance on pking and griefing is quite simple:

Do not harm innocents.

However, as fair warning to all, I thought I'll spell out what is and isn't tolerated.

Harming includes stealing, looting, attacking, or otherwise intentionally causing someone to be killed.

Innocents do not necessarily mean blues. It is not uncommon for a blue to accidentally go grey. Likewise, a blue can quite often be a griefer.

Being in an anti-pk guild does not mean you can run around killing anyone who happens to go grey. Likewise, a true anti must be ready to take counts, if the situation calls for it. Use good judgement.

C^V members are expected to follow these rules at all times, even on alternate characters. Those found using alts, even if unguilded, to harass or otherwise grief will be removed from the guild.

Character Names

We expect Candidates to have somewhat RPish names, and use capital letters correctly. Names like "iPwNuRa$S" will not be accepted into the guild. We have been somewhat lax in the past about this unwritten rule, and we will "grandfather" those members with innapropriate names. However, moving forward, we intend to enforce this rule diligently.

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Re: Guild Rules

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I especially agree with the restriction on using ALTs for nefarious deeds.

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