Welcome to New Windmere (Official Guide)

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Welcome to New Windmere (Official Guide)

Post by Atraxi »

|| New Windmere | Vigilant Vendors, Inc. | Vigilant Vendors Express | Vigilant Vendors Real Estate | Vesper-Minoc Welcome Center ||

Some time ago, a former Protector of Virtue named Benny started a guild to aid in the fight against griefers and murderers. This guild, formed in the Windmere Woods, was dubbed FoW, or the Fellowship of Windmere.

After a time of intense growth, the guild became too large to keep an eye on. The very people FoW set out to stop had infiltrated the guild. It was clear that something needed to be done. Little did the members know, a change was in the wind. After much cleaning and tweaking (and a name change), the raw material of FoW was whittled down into what we now know as the Company of the Vigilant, or C^V.

There have been bumps here and there, but C^V is going strong and is here to stay. In honor of our FoW roots our fair town is now dubbed New Windmere!!

Here is a map of the New Windmere area. The bridge to the East leads to Vesper bank.
See below for the Official Guide to New Windmere.

Official Guide to New Windmere
(1) Vigilante's Hearth (C^V Guild Hall)
(2) Bank of New Windmere
(3) Recruit housing
(4) Vigilant Justice ((Under Construction))
(5) Dalworth's Den*
(6) Strongarm Smith (Blacksmith Shop)
(7) C^V Stables
(8) Blue Oyster Tavern
(9) Grand Library of the Vigilant (rune library)
(10) Elisud Studios (Art studio)
(11) C^V Provisions
(12) C^V Jeweler
(13) C^V Alchemist*
(14) C^V Mage Shop*
(15) C^V Tailor Shop*
(16) C^V Carpentry and Tinkering*
(17) Member's private residence
(18) Vigilant Outpost
(19) Recruit housing

*Please visit this post for more detailed information about our vendor shops
|| Atx Mini Mall | Atraxi's Great Real Estate ||

IRC: Atraxi on @#bpd +#NEW #SecondAge #C^V


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Re: Welcome to New Windmere

Post by SirEricKain »

Fantastic work! I love this towns location and feel.
Sir Eric Kain,
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Re: Welcome to New Windmere

Post by Eddard »

Ditto. Great job. Love the name!
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Re: Welcome to New Windmere (Official Guide)

Post by Pirul »

Special thanks to Melryn Moonstone for the great picture!!
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Re: Welcome to New Windmere (Official Guide)

Post by Cattie B »

I want to thank all of our guildmates, for the patience and help given to make this happen. To our allies for all of the support they have given. I'm very proud of what we have become, and a large part of that is who you all are. :) Job well done everyone!!

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