Would like to join

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Would like to join

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I am rather new to this shard, but not UO. I played EA servers since 98 on Baja. I have recently got fed up with OSI running this game into the ground so I find myself here playing real UO. Anyway I am very excited to be back in the golden era of UO and would like a group to play with. I enjoy PvM and PvM. From what I've seen this server could use some anti-pks lol. Anyway, I have UOAM/Carto/Mapper/willing to get whichever map program is used here, I have ventrillo and TS, and I use ICQ as my messenger. My ICQ# is 76838269 if anyone wants to get up with me.
Thanks guys.

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Re: Would like to join

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First of all, thnx for the interest in C^V. A word of warning, we are kind of thin right now, as we recently lost 2 members to a mechanical accuracy issue (one of them a high ranking member), and some other of us, just plain busy. So, we've been a little less active. However, there's still some of us around, I try to log in as frequently as possible, although my hours are very erratic and often leave on short notice, and would definitely want new members to boost up activity again.

So, you're more than welcome to join us in our IRC channel (#C^V) and talk away, I'm sure someone will be up for something. Also, if we're not around, I strongly advise you also jump on channel #DG and talk to those guys there. If we're not around, you can go hunt with DG and it'll be basically the same.
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