Application for C^V

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Application for C^V

Post by debussy »

Hail Company of the Vigilant!

I seek to join your ranks to defend our land from Griefers and PKers as well as join you on your hunts for treasure and glory!

I have been on the server for a short amount of time but I am an experienced UO player from the old days (sonoma 98-2001). I have 3 main characters Claude Debussy (mage bard), Jello Biafra (med macer), and Gregory Ligeti (Tank Mage). Most of my experience is PVM and running the hell away from reds but I turned jello biafra into a med macer and began training a tank mage because I am interested in pvp.

I play a lot and don't require help to get started, what I seek is comradery and a social network for events etc.

Quick note, I have posted an application to DG but they do not seem active to I decided to give this guild a shot!


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Re: Application for C^V

Post by Pirul »

Hail Debussy!

I think I have seen your bard around, unless there are many chars named after famous composers. :P

Jump on IRC channel #C^V and we can talk more and you can join us in our hunts!
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