Hunt 4-8

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Hunt 4-8

Post by Pirul »

Great hunt tonight guys, had fun.

Hope the NEW guys enjoyed it too!

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Re: Hunt 4-8

Post by wickdawg »

I sure did! Thanks again guys! (Hammett)

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Re: Hunt 4-8

Post by Atraxi »

Hey, for all you NEW guys who don't know me, I was the one on Sunkist [Helper, NEW], and Damien Barde [Herald, C^V].

I'll be coming by the NEW GK to invite you guys to C^V hunts whenever we go. I'll also be mentioning it on NEW guildchat and in the NEW IRC channel.

Just come by the GK when you hear me call, and you're invited. :D

had a great time tonight, guys. We've gotta do it again.
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Re: Hunt 4-8

Post by RaveGreen »

Sorry I missed it :( Atraxi - where are the screens of my tmapper eating dirt the other night?!?!
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