Patch notes missing things

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Patch notes missing things

Post by Gizmo »

Greeting just browsing through the patch notes. Not complaining here just a few easy fixes that can be implemented rather easy.

*A new piece of art for tinkering tools will exist (and be craftable). It works exactly like the older piece of art, but is a lot easier to click on. The old piece of art will still be in use.

*For the next two weeks, all trash barrels in Britannia will now be ticket barrels. Newly placed barrels will also be ticket barrels. To place a ticket barrel in your house, you can say the words, "I wish to place a trash barrel". We have also placed bright purple colored ticket barrels in the following locations on each shard: Now seeing that black dye tubs are in the game. I am curious of any of the trash system will be added in, or ran on a monthly bi-montly basis or anything of that nature. Thanks for information about this.

*For Those who complain about them, they are a part of the T2A Era
*Rune Books are designed to help reduce the total number of runes in the game and to assist rune libraries with the lock down changes. Rune Books will allow players to keep far fewer runes in their bank boxes and houses while still being able to carry a regular rune when traveling outside of town.

*This tool will allow players to check land without have to buy a house deed, thus allowing multiple people in a group to search different locations. To use the tool:

I am sure there are many more things, I notice that bank checks are not in, though they are on the last update listed for the T2A Era patch. And if I am correct Rune Books are LootType.Newbie from the Era as well. There are plenty of spawn issues too missing all around the world. Just misc hunting spots for overworld spawning, Though the dungeons are somewhat correct on spawns.

Other then those few issues and items listed. This is really the best T2A Era server I have ever played. Thanks for the good work. I have been playing uo since 1997. I have farmed it all, and GMed it all during this good Era. Im Grizwald in game btw.

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Re: Patch notes missing things

Post by Ronk »

The last patch, as I understand it, is the Nov 23, 1999 (I.E. the last patch of 99). However, this last patch has some parts intentionally left out. In essence, for this specific patch, if its deemed as a pre-UO:R change it is left out in an effort to maintain the T2A feel.

This is why our houses don't have more secures and more security, even though its listed in the Nov 23 patch note. It is also where the rune book debate comes from.
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Re: Patch notes missing things

Post by Derrick »

Our cutoff date for patches is Nov '99, so the surveying tool is out of our timeframe.
Runebooks were neither newbied of blessed in era, but some players did obtain an Item Bless deed from the CUB event to bless their runebooks, these were very rare. We do not have Item Bless deeds. We did have the CUB event last December, but we replaced Item Bless deeds with Clothing Bless deeds.

The only inaccuracy I see above is the new tinker tools. I was not aware those were introduced so early.

The outdoor spawns is something we've been continuing to work on, to a large extent part of the problems are the borders.

Thanks for the post!
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Re: Patch notes missing things

Post by BlackFoot »

does this mean those cooler lookin tinker kits will be available without pts?
cause they are deco ++
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