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UOSA Interface Guide

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You have just logged in to UOSA and you wonder what do do now? The first step is to learn about the interface. I will try to summarize it here.

The Main Interface

This is what your screen should look like:


These are the main elements that you want to see:

1. Paperdoll: This displays your character and what he is wearing. You can open your paperdoll by pressing ALT-P or by using the menu (#7)

2. Map/Overview: This displays the area in which you are located. You can open the map by pressing ALT-R or by using the menu (#7)

3. Status Bar: This displays your health, your mana, and your stamina. Double clicking the status bar will open a more descriptive gump. You can open your status bar by click and dragging on your player (#6) or by pressing ALT-S.

4. Backpack: This can be used to store items you acquire. You can place items in your backpack by clicking and dragging. Open you back back by double clicking the bag on your paperdoll (#1) or by pressing ALT-I.

5. Text: When you want to talk, start typing here and press enter when you are done. Your speech will appear above your player's head (#6)

6.Your Player: Your player will always be located in the middle of your game window. You can right click and hold in the direction you want to move your player.

7. Menu: By clicking the arrow you can expand the menu. This menu allows you to open things such as you map, paperdoll, backpack, journal.

8. Journal: All text from the game window will appear in your journal, so if you missed what someone said you can review it in your journal. You can open the journal from the menu (#7) or by pressing ALT-J.

Your Paperdoll

The paperdoll is most likely the most important feature on your screen. Here are the main elements of the paperdoll.

paper.jpg (17.53 KiB) Viewed 11254 times

1. This is your character. This location is used to dress and equip your character by click and dragging items from this area. You can drag clothes, weapons and armor from locations such as your backpack and your bank and drop them in this area to equip them on your player.

2. This is your backpack. Double click it to open the pack and see its contents. This is where you can store any items you find or loot from monsters. Make sure not to over load your back pack as it may become too heavy for you to move.

3. This is your profile. This book will tell you how old your character is. You can also add information in this book that will be visible to other players.

4. This is the party manifest book. Use this book to create parties with other players. This can be useful when going hunting in large groups or for events.

5. These are equipment slots. Weapons and small items of clothing/armor may appear hear to make it easier for you to equip and un-equip.

6. This is the paperdoll menu:

HELP : contains the link to the support site, also allows you to call a Game Master to ask a question, you can also get help if you are physically stuck among other things.

OPTIONS : everything to configure your interface, text colors and all. It also contains the macro menu. The option screen is detailed in another article. Check the 2D User Interface section.

LOG OUT : Speaks of itself.

QUESTS : This opens your quest log with all the quests you currently have active. This might not be a very important button on this server.

SKILLS: This opens your skill list with all the possible skills you can train and their level.

GUILD : This button is not active on this server.

PEACE/WAR : This toggles and indicates if you are in War mode or not. (you need to be in war mode to attack enemies)

STATUS : This opens your status bar.

7. Your character name and title. When your character gains a title through fame, karma or skills , it is indicated here along with your name.

The Options Menu

The options menu is where you can modify settings for your character.
Here are some important areas of the options menu you might want to look at as a new player.

options.jpg (44.71 KiB) Viewed 11254 times

1. Sound settings are all here, you can enable or disable sound and music from the game.

2. Under this tab you can create macros and hot keys. There should already be the default hot keys set up but you can add new ones or edit the existing macros.

3. This tab shows you the interface settings. Many players like to uncheck the pathfinding and hold down tab options here.

4. This tab will show the display settings. Here you can change your speech color (This is the color of the text when you talk to other players). You can also change your game play window size and change it to 800X600 to make it bigger.

5. These are the filter options. Here you can filter words that offend you and place players on your ignore list if they are bothering you.

Remember to press apply after you've made any changes in the options menu.

Your Status Bar

This is your status bar:

status1.jpg (3.06 KiB) Viewed 11254 times

When you double click your status bar a more informative gump opens:

status2.jpg (9.92 KiB) Viewed 11254 times

STR shows the current amount of strength you have.
DEX shows the current amount od dexterity you have.
INT shows the current amount of intelligence you have.

AR displays the amount of armor protection you are currently wearing.

HITS shows your health
STAM shows your stamina, if you reach 0 STAM you will no longer be able to move until you regain some.

GOLD shows the amount of gold you have in your backpack.

WGHT shows the current weight that your backpack is holding. Going over the limit shown here will cause you to lose stamina very quickly and eventually prevent you from moving.

To be continued...
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Re: UOSA Interface Guide

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Notice maahes blocked out all his etheral mounts he carries in his backpack!
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Re: UOSA Interface Guide

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venus you tried uo:hybrid

haha, maahes the super spy! awesome guide!
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Re: UOSA Interface Guide

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He's carrying a lot of regs........

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Re: UOSA Interface Guide

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Is there any way to change the journal colors, each type of text has a different color depending on the event, but some of them are in colors I can't read.

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