Swing Interval Calculator

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Swing Interval Calculator

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This is going to be a short and sweet guide.

Calculating swing speed is kind of arduous and complex. It's easy to calculate in a spreadsheet program (like Excel) though. Here's the formula:

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...where STAM is your current stamina, and SPEED is the weapon's speed (according to this table). You can simply remove those two variables and reference a cell in the sheet instead. For example:

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...where A2 has the stamina and B2 has the weapon speed you want to model.

What does this formula do? In words:

Take 60000 and divide by (STAM+100)*SPEED. This is the number of "ticks" between swings. Now lop off the decimal (in other words, round down to the nearest number of ticks). Multiply by 0.25 to put it into seconds (there's 4 ticks per second in UO time). This is your swing interval, which can never be less than 1.25 seconds and never more than 10 seconds.

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Re: Swing Interval Calculator

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Why do I read posts like this so early in the morning?

Now my brain hurts.

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