*Basic* Guide to Travel

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*Basic* Guide to Travel

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If you do not completely understand that is mentioned on here, please read more about it on the forums. This server has been around for awhile and there are many guides on the forums and the wiki, so check it out.
Number two, make good use of IRC (chat). IRC can be downloaded from the downloads portion of the site, and you can usually find someone who can answer questions for you.
When traveling in Britannia, make sure you are using UOAM (UO Auto Map). This can save you such a headache. A short anecdote- I met a new player in Vesper yesterday and he had no idea what town he was in. He said his character had been stuck in the wilderness for the last few weeks and he just managed to find a town. All of this could have been avoided simply by using Auto Map. It is a very intuitive program, so I’ll leave out an explanation on it.
I want to spend a little time talking about travel because it is so important to a new adventurer for a few reasons. First, you may start out in a town that isn’t really fitting for what you want to do. You may accidentally start in Yew, but you’ll decide you want to stat mining. Maybe you’ll start in Britain and decide the amount of thievery and nonsense there doesn’t suit you. Whatever the reason for moving your character to another town, it may happen and you’ll want to know how to do that.
Another reason for travel to another town may be to sell your wares to another NPC. The more of one item you sell to an NPC the less they will pay you for it. For example: If I make a hundred fancy shirts, using my tailoring skill, I will then go to the tailor NPC and sell them at a rate of about 35 gold per shirt. After selling 10 shirts the NPC may only give me 34 gold per shirt. This doesn’t really become an issue until I sell a lot of shirts and the price is severely reduced to approximately, for example, when I’m selling the 90th shirt the NPC may only offer me 25 gold per shirt. It may be to your advantage when selling several of a single item to venture to another town and sell to the NPC vendor there. Because the buying price will be reset. (NOTE: that other people may be selling the same wares, so the price may not always be reset).
Not every town has the shop you’re looking for: Minoc has no mage shop, Vesper has no stable, etc. So you may need to venture to another town in order to find what you’re looking for.
Also the kind of animals and monster vary upon location. Yew has several sheep pins, so that you can shear the sheep (using a bladed object such as a dagger). Cove shares its peninsula with an orc fort, but has no sheep pin. Some towns may have a graveyard to fight skeletons and zombies, while other may not (most do). Also, so towns may be close(er) to dungeons that you have an interest in hunting at. Whatever the reason may be- you need to know how to travel in order to make the most out of your money making scheme.
Ways to travel:
Run- this is the easiest way to travel, you can just look at the Auto Map and find the road that leads to your desired location and be off! This, obviously, will take you the most amount of time, but with Auto Map it is very easy to get where you need to go, and relatively safe.
Mount- using a horse/llama/ostard you can run at basically twice the speed. Using the command “all follow me” while dismounted will cause your mounts stamina to be fully restored and let you to continue your travels and an extremely fast pace.
Moongates- Moongates can be found at several locations throughout Britannia. They are probably the fastest way for new players to travel great distances. The moongates are always open at their fixed locations, and you can simply keep traveling through the moongate to get to your desired location. This is because the moongates are not a two-way gate (such as a player made moongate). Re-entering the moongate takes you to the next location, not the one you just came from. For more information about moongates, go here :
http://uo.stratics.com/content/basics/m ... gate.shtml
You will notice that a latitude and longitude are given to these moongates. Every spot in the word has a lat/long all you need is a sextant (can be bought from a tinker for a few gold) to find your current latitude and longitude. You can also use UOAM to find your latitude and longitude, and you can type in latitudes and longitudes to find their locations in relationship to you.
Recall/Mark/Gate- players can also use magical means to travel. Using the spells Recall/Mark/And gate travel one can teleport all over the lands of Britannia. This is much more difficult to explain than I thought, but lets give it a try.
These spells all start with a rune. Runes are small magical markers that can be bought from a mage NPC at any mage shop, the cost about 20 gold. Runes are marked to specific locations using the spell “Mark”. By casting the spell and targeting the rune, it will be marked to the location you are standing at. Using the spell “Recall” and targeting that rune, you will be teleported to that previously market location. Gate is used the same way as recall, but it instead creates a moongate to the location marked on the rune to allow for multi-person travel to that location.
Do not worry too much about Recall/Mark/Gate. These spells can be a bit daunting to the new player, but as you become more familiar with the game you’ll use them. It’s just important that you know that they exist. As a new adventurer, there is no immediate need of their usage, you will more than manage without them.
Now that you know the different ways to get around, make sure you download and start using AutoMap! Next I’ll write up a guide so you know how to make some money. Good luck!

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