How to make 10 million gold a month. Legally & Attended.

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Re: How to make 10 million gold a month. Legally & Attended

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This method doesn't require great macros. It does however have a startup cost, and you'll be running 3 clients legitimately 24/7/365. Farming with a tamer is much more efficient and based on your own time. More importantly, anyone can compete with this income and inevitably kill your margins.
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Re: How to make 10 million gold a month. Legally & Attended

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Step 1 - Download the Patek Reagent Buyer Macro (PRB) and install it (this is for buying all the regs you’ll need). Do a search in the Guides section for it

Step 2 - GM inscription on one account.

Step 3 - Make some simple restock/inscription macros to make the main scrolls as listed in the this thread by OP.

Step 4 - Sell scrolls to all mage vendors. You can macro this pretty easily.

Step 5 - Make enough bank to GM inscription on other chars.

Step 6+ Do it over and over

My main gp generation on UOSA was using a highly refined version of this system with the PRB and a semi-automated selling macro set (required me to manually walk next to vendors, but it sold the scrolls to that vendor automatically as well as changed scrolls being sold and recalling between stores - it was also all 3 accounts running in parallel doing this). Scrolls are by far the fastest way to make gp without leaving town, but it’ll tie-up all your chars permanently. Its actually the highest gold-per-hour you'll get outside of IDOC'ing (I was doing about 160k an hour) but you can only do it one hour a day :)

You can make about 220k max per day with this system after you factor in inscription time. Average full sell cycle will get you about 80k profit and takes roughly 20 minutes if you semi-automate it and about 60-90 minutes if you’re dragging/dropping/recalling with only one char. You make just enough scrolls per day with three chars to hit about 220k worth (so 2 and a bit cycles).

The server can handle roughly 6 people hammering the system (so total of 18 chars all inscribing) if you all really tightly synchronised your sell cycles. I personally only had myself and 2 others ever running the system (well I ran my highly tuned ground-up psycho version, they were doing odds and ends) and it wasn’t too hard to come to an agreeable of times to sell so it lined up with schedules.

If you want cash I’d just do a tamer tbh, waaaaay easier.

(I won’t be providing the macros if you ask, they’re not user-friendly at all)


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