Info: Mana Regeneration, Armor and Sweet Spots

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Info: Mana Regeneration, Armor and Sweet Spots

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I found the mana regeneration info on the meditation guide / wiki page a bit lacking, so I did some tests last night to get to the bottom of things. I wanted to share my findings, which could very well be common knowledge. Feel free to merge any of this info into the meditation guide.

First of all, here is the formula Derrick posted on the Ask website ( ... ion-effect):

Points/Sec = 7 - [239*(Int+Med)/4800] + [19*([(Int+Med)/2]^2)/48000] + (AR/5)

Part 1: Breakpoints

Everything in the game happens in 0.25s ticks, mana regen is no exception. Also, the value is rounded down. Without getting overly complicated, here are important breakpoints:

(First value is passive regeneration, second value is active regeneration)
Int+Med = 25: 1 mana per 5.75s / 2.75s
Int+Med = 125: 1 mana per 2.25s / 1.00s
Int+Med = 128: 1 mana per 2.00s / 1.00s
Int+Med = 139: 1 mana per 1.75s / 0.75s
Int+Med = 151: 1 mana per 1.50s / 0.75s
Int+Med = 164: 1 mana per 1.25s / 0.50s (maximum active regen reached)
Int+Med = 180: 1 mana per 1.00s / 0.50s (maximum passive regen reached)

Two important things here. First, if your goal is magery / resist training and your final build will not have meditation, there is no need to raise it higher than 59 (assuming 100int +5 from the wizard hat).

Second, mana regen caps out at 180 Int+Med, which is why pvp mages often go for 90int+100med (to account for -10 from curse).

Part 2: Effect of Armor

Here are some conclusions I reached from running several tests:

- AR from Clothing has no effect on mana regen.

- Leather armor (and only leather armor) slows down regeneration at half the rate: 0.1s per displayed AR.

- Other armor (tested studded leather, bone, ringmail, chainmail, plate) slows down regeneration by 0.2s per displayed AR.

So if you have 100int+100med and wear 10AR worth of non-leather armor, you'll regen 1 mana / 3s instead of 1 mana / 1s.

If you instead wear 10AR worth of leather armor, you'll regen 1 mana / 2s instead of 1 mana / 1s.

- The condition (durability) of the armor does not matter. Its base (full durability) AR value is used when calculating the mana regen penalty. i.e. Even if your nearly destroyed full plate armor grants you less AR than a ringmail tunic, it will still slow down mana regeneration as much as a brand new suit of full plate armor.

- I have not tested magical / exceptional armor yet, but I believe they will not slow down regeneration more than their basic versions even though they grant more AR.

Many sources also state that armor makes it harder to successfully meditate, but I haven't tested success rates. The dramatic regeneration penalty in itself is a very compelling reason to stay away from all kinds of armor.

I hope this information is useful to someone.

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