Guards and Town

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Guards and Town

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Stratics Reputation FAQ: Guards and Town wrote:Are the teleporting, insta-kill guards still around?

How does guard summoning work?
    The whole system is a lot simpler, and makes more sense now.
    Either the location of the crime (location of the victim in most cases), or the Criminal must be in a justice region in order for guards to be called at all.
    The caller must be in earshot of the Criminal.
    The caller must be in a justice region.

What actions will summon guards in town?
    Any action that flags a character as a Criminal. The guards must be called within 15 seconds after the crime is committed. Note that NPCs can call guards so sometimes it may seem that no one witnessed your crime but there is probably an NPC nearby.

What characters are restricted from town access?
    Only Murderers are killed on sight by the guards. Guards can also be called to kill Murderers in town. If your Karma has dropped to the bottom row of the Reputation table (see Reputation section) you will be able to enter town; however, shopkeepers will not trade with you (bank access is still allowed).

Can I attack other characters in town?
    Any non-Innocent can be attacked in town without guard intervention. When attacked, characters are allowed to defend themselves against anyone who is flagged as an Aggressor to them.
    Innocents can also be attacked in town but doing so will flag you as a Criminal (meaning guards can be called) and an Aggressor (to the Innocent). If the Innocent dies you can be reported as a Murderer.

What types of attacks will work in town?
    All types of attacks work in town except for spells. Damage from spells is reduced to 0. Note that poison attacks from summoned creatures like Blade Spirits will still work resulting in a Criminal flag for the caster and the possiblity of becoming a Murderer if an Innocent dies after being poisoned.
    At the Sunday, June 28 1998 Player's Lunch, Rich Vogel, UO Producer, announced that he was against making spells work in town. (And he plays a GM pure mage). Although this is still up for debate, it sounds like the Design Team is leaning towards not allowing spells to work in town.

What can I do if I'm an Innocent and someone kills me in a one shot attack?
    Ghosts can call guards.

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Re: Guards and Town

Post by randale »

The ghost doesn't have to be in war mode to do it, does he/she? So a macro with

1. If "I am dead"
2. say: guards
3. end if

would work?

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