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In-Game Events

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Automated Events
You can find clocks throughout Britannia which will tell you when the next scheduled event is. You can also join #secondageevents in IRC and type !events for more information.

GM Hosted Events
GM hosted events are a bit different than automated events. They are unique to UOSA specifically. Gates appear near Britain's West Bank for these events.

Secret Agent, viewtopic.php?f=148&t=63893

Active World Events
Active world events are long term events that are shard-wide. In the past UOSA would have town invasions fairly randomly. They were always a lot of fun but never made any sense. These world events tie together a theme using Ultima/Britannia lure with UOSA-specific history to create an engaging story that encourages players to explore the World.

UOSA's Past and Current Stories:

1. The Gem Encrusted
An evil force corrupts all. The Gem Encrusted armies walked the planet, wrecking havoc on all in their paths. Lord Lutsyn was defeated and imprisoned.

2. The Guardian's Wrath
The Guardian, a well known threat to all Britannians was laid to rest and the Black Gate was sealed forever.

3. Dark Secrets
What happens when a boy from Vesper's love of history and knowledge of beekeeping are combine? Mind-controlling mead of course! Nate the Prophet's legacy was put to a stop in Moonglow.

4. The Gargoyle Wars
Lord Draxinusom and his army of Gargoyles nearly took over every city in Britannia during this 6 month long war. Draxinusom was slaughtered in the Compassion desert for his sins. How ironic!

5. Adventures of Heftimus McPry
Heftimus McPry was one bad pirate! He committed mutiny against his Captains, killed half his crew, blasted through the sealed walls of the Exodus chamber and nearly wiped out all of Britannia in his quest for wealth.

6. the Guild of Eternal Shadow
The Guild of Eternal Shadows, a guild of assassins lurked in the shadows of evil unraveling the very web of time and matter. Martin the Actor and Gnarly Dog were crushed when the Granite Castle crumbled.

7. Barrage of Wizards
The Pyromancer Cult, once forgotten, returned in excessive force and nearly destroyed all of Britannia at the word of their masters: the Warlock and the Lich.

8. Sweeping Justice
Lord British ruled the lands with an ironfist during an era known as the Sweeping Justice. Mateo's Rotten Tooth Tavern was targeted and shut down indefinitely.

9. Garth's Shadow
Once a trusted adviser of Lord British's inner circle, Garth became a renegade on the run. He awoke the Worldslayer altar, summoned Worldslayer, whom was later defeated in a three day long battle.
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