Got a T2A players guide?

For ideas on how to make Second Age a better shard. Can it get any better? Maybe.
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Got a T2A players guide?

Post by Zavorah »

Once upon a time a silly person opened a Ultima Online player guide and found a book of spells. That same silly person found that in por ylem required black pearl and nightshade to cast. It requires more to cast these spells than is in the current game: in por ylem, stated above b and n reagents. Vas Flam requires black pearl and sulphurous ash. Por Ort Grav requires black pearl, mandrake root and sulphurous ash. Last but not entirely least is Vas Ort Flam which requires an additional black pearl to what should be black pearl, mandrake root and sulphurous ash.

It is my conclusion that something here went incredibly wrong or I missed some kind of screw ball patch in a pick and choose your facts era accuracy that in my bold and half witted opinion could have decided countless duels, grudges, Field fights winners and losers and most importantly the player driven economy that creates the struggle so sorely needed.

Perhaps the 100k field fights would have gone different if this was correct in the first place and the 1vs1 red pot duels.

In short quick fix: increase reagent cost 30% and alchemy Reg use doubled

Y'all have a nice afternoon now.

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Re: Got a T2A players guide?

Post by Roser »

How badly did you just get pk'ed?

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Re: Got a T2A players guide?

Post by SaibotMK »

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