FPL Season 4 (Friendly PvP League)

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FPL Season 4 (Friendly PvP League)

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Hello everyone,

It's a pleasure to announce Season 4. After 3 exciting seasons, FPL evolves again.

While the previous seasons has been red pot duels, unmounted, done at usual small arenas, this time this going to be notably different:

- All duels will be done at Brit Farm Arena (27x17 size) (1152,1564)
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You can go there through a rune on my Buc's Den gate tower (safe for reds)
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- Will be mounted, GM weapons, all pots + DP allowed. No restock.

All items you can carry. You can only restock between duels. If you get out of any resource, including regs, you cannot restock.
About mounts, nightmares are not recommended due to issues with reds. Pets cannot attack, and cannot be attacked (in example when dismounted to refresh by [r command).

- Will be challonge default round robin 2 best out of 3. If more than 15, there will be 2 groups (if more than 23, 3 groups; if more than 31, 4 groups, and so). Play-off with semi-final and final will be done if 2 or more groups. The league will last between 7 and 14 weeks. Whoever 2 weeks late would be kicked. Rounds/weeks will start every friday.

Challonge link -> https://challonge.com/uosaFPL04

Mind its a player run event, GM assisted.

That means that staff helps, without overstepping what they consider "fair" on UOSA.

- Arena: Brit Farms Arenas accomplishes S4 needs. This way we will be sure all duels done at the same place. I see that arena like an "indoor field" arena. Mind this arena is a public space.

- Prizes: Gold, silver and bronze pegasus (aka eagle trophy) for 3 first ones. With name and date.
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- Special Season 4 Prizes: <under construction>


- Sign ups will open 10/27/23 and will reamin during a week.
- Season 4 will start 11/03/23 and will last between 7 and 14 weeks.

PM me on discord (mcnito) for signing up.

Youtube trailer -> https://youtu.be/hiJvQ0EruJc
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Re: FPL Season 4 (Friendly PvP League)

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Re: FPL Season 4 (Friendly PvP League)

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Fucking hype!!

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