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Join Vengeance of Shadowmire (VoS)

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📣 Join Vengeance of Shadowmire (VoS) - A Guild of Unity and Strength! 📣

Are you new to Ultima Online Second Age and looking for a guild to help you get established? Or are you a veteran player seeking a community that values your experience and skills? Look no further! VoS is here for you!

We are VoS (Vengeance of Shadowmire), a guild with a strong sense of community and a passion for both peace and war. We have two guildstones:
- VoS: For our farmers, workers, and new members who are the backbone of our guild (
- v0s: For our brave warriors who are not afraid to engage in PvP (

And, for celebrating that we moved from Shadowmire to Cove, we are currently recruiting until March 31. Here's what we offer:

🌱 For New Members:
We provide a nurturing environment for new players. We will help you GM your melee/bard skills and get you established in the game.

🛡️ For Veteran Members:
We value your experience and skills. Join us and be a part of a guild that recognizes and appreciates your contributions. Please note, veteran membership requires the approval of an existing veteran member.

Join us and be a part of our journey in Ultima Online Second Age. Together, we can create a guild that stands tall and proud in the face of any challenge.

Vengeance of Shadowmire (VoS) - Unity, Strength, and Vengeance!

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