New town addon system first use! BJV Town

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Blade Spirit
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New town addon system first use! BJV Town

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Hello citizens of Britannia,

finally live!
Above all, thanks to all GMs and Admin for having made this possible.
Now here we are, requesting the first minor town addons for BJV Town.

BJV is one of the most active and longest-standing guilds in the recent history of UOSA. We are the most well-known guild on Second Age currently.

Search BJV in chat and you'll see how much we're mentioned. Stop by BJV Town to see how thriving the community is there!

Come peacefully if you want to chat, or armed if you want a fight.

In the heart of BJV Town, is our castle and rune library. Behind the library, is our tower which features an arena on the roof with scenic views.

BJV's history on UOSA includes organizing events, like the Dungeon of the Day events, 1v1 Duel events, and the recent town invasion. We have more town invasions planned for this year.

I, as BJV gm, have a youtube channel showing every possible aspect of UOSA, trying to promote it as much as possible to everyone outside there.
I will keep creating content to help new players learn how to play UO Second Age better.

As a staple to UOSA, we'd like to be the first to take advantage of the town addon system, blessing our town and enhancing its flavour to all the visitors that have the chance to pass by.

BJV has also a web page showing our deeds of the past.

Thanks to everyone, and

long live UOSA!

Blade Spirit

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