Arachnid Expedition (Spring 2024)

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Arachnid Expedition (Spring 2024)

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Arachnid Expedition
WHEN: April 2024 - July 2024

Join us for the next UOSA-exclusive adventure and uncover the secrets hidden within the tangled webs of the Arachnid Expedition!

Rumors began to circulate among the citizens of Trinsic. People are talking about a mysterious spider farm hidden deep within the dense jungles to the south. The rumor says the camp is breeding spider with hopes to create a rare strain of spider’s silk for an unknown buyer. What twisted evil awaits us? Only time will tell.

How The Event/Storyline Works
The more people discover and share in Discord, the further the story will advance. In some steps, players will be rewarded for advancing the story with a special item they might uncover in their search for knowledge. Occasionally, NPCs will offer quests that will require you to take certain actions to earn a reward.

In addition to their normal loot tables, any monsters that are a part of the event series have a chance to drop a silver coin, a 2-silver value Arachnid Expedition trophy, or spider eggs. The spider eggs are a special event currency that can be traded in for specialty event rare items at the end of the event series. These event rare items will be announced later in the storyline.

These eggs will be deleted after the event series ends - in August 2024.

Anytime there are event monsters, you may also find locked treasure chests, which also have adjusted loot tables (see image).


The spider eggs are a special event currency that can be traded in for specialty event rare items from June 15th - July 20th.

1. Rumors of an Unlicensed Spider Farm
2. Hidden Valley Fallout
3. The Western Pass
4. The Descendants
5. The Cavern of Nightmares
6. Hold the Line at Papua
7. The Adventure North
8. A Web of Deceit
9. The Road to Redemption
10. An Arachnid Assault
11. Battle with Kye
##. An Epilogue


Chapter 1: Rumors of an Unlicensed Spider Farm
Rumors began to circulate among the citizens of Trinsic. People are talking about a mysterious spider farm hidden deep within the dense jungles to the south. The rumor says the camp is breeding spider with hopes to create a rare strain of spider’s silk for an unknown buyer.

Main Adventure: Explore the jungle outside of Trinsic for the farm and speak with the camp leader. You can try mentioning the rumors to see if you can catch his attention.

Chapter 2: Hidden Valley Fallout
The adventurer (that's you!), guided by Shibbie's orders, waged a ruthless campaign against all who resided in the secluded mountains. Shibbie's message had been delivered, and the mission was complete. However, the adventurer's actions did not go unnoticed.

The violent events at the Hidden Valley mountain range had caught the attention of the Trinsic bounty hunter association. These armed mercenaries now patrolled the jungles between the Delucia passage and the Trinsic Moongate. They have been instructed to use force to keep the area safe of all threats.

Shibbie's camp will not be able to proceed with their order if these mercenaries are allowed to block the passage to Delucia.

Main Adventure: Battle the mercenaries in the Trinsic jungle, so Shibbie's camp can make their delivery. There is no quest for this chapter.

Side Adventure: Try to learn the name of Shibbie's buyer for the spider silk operation.

Chapter 3: The Western Pass
After a week of fighting the jungle mercenaries, things finally begin to seem safe again. The Spider Farm's inventory of eggs have hit max capacity. The crates are filled to the brim and Shibbie needs to get his contact the agreed upon supplies. Pay a visit to Shibbie and see how you can help him out.

Main Adventure: Follow Shibbie's suggestion and you'll find a quest giving NPC by the name of Corlack.

Chapter 4: The Descendants
The adventurer's journey took them to the western passage, a cave system that leads to the lost lands. It is here that they encountered Corlack, the bounty hunter. The party ventured into the depths of the cave system in search of spider eggs and to battle against the menacing spiders that lurked within.

Corlack is pleased with the outcome and will be heading back to Trinsic to report his findings to the Trinsic Bounty Hunter Association. He’ll be leaving on May 18th, so be sure to visit Corlack one final time to see if he has any more leads on the spider threat.

Corlack’s first quest is no longer available but the monsters you need to kill are still available in Chapter 4.

Main Adventure: Head to the Western Passage and speak with Corlack to locate the next person of interest in this event. That other person of interest will provide you with a quest.



Chapter 5: The Cavern of Nightmares
After uncovering the dark history of the ancient civilization overrun by the Terathan race and aiding the infamous Papua Tailor, our fearless adventurer has returned with news of their successful quest to collect spider eggs.

However, as the adventurer delved into the Terathan Keep, other brave souls discovered a horrifying nest teeming with an array of deadly spiders, from fire-breathing terrors to venomous fiends. Many have perished, but a few managed to escape and bring back warnings of the nest's dangers.

In this latest chapter, our hero must once again venture into the heart of the Terathan Keep, face the terrifying array of spiders, and destroy the nest that threatens the land. Will you join the fight and help rid the lost lands of this arachnid menace? The fate of Papua and beyond rests in your hands. Gear up, steel your nerves, and prepare for the battle of your life!

Main Adventure: Head back to the Terathan Keep, this time delve deeper into the cave system in search of the arachnid nest.


Chapter 6: Hold the Line at Papua
The following message was posted across the town of Papua:

Fellow citizens and brave adventurers, the town of Papua is under imminent threat from the advancing Terathan spider forces. Our recent efforts to destroy the nest in the Cavern of Nightmares were unsuccessful, and now the Terathan Army lurks outside of city limits. It's only a matter of time before they overwhelm the guards.

We must rally together to defend our home from total devastation. We urgently need your help. The city officials are requesting donations of crucial defense supplies. We are in desperate need of…

- Greater Cure Potions
- Greater Heal Potions
- Total Refresh Potions
- Greater Heal spell scrolls
- Resurrection spell scrolls

Your contributions will help arm our defenders, heal the wounded, and protect our town from falling into chaos. Speak to the Ambassador to deliver your donations. They are staying at the Just Inn of Papua

Rise up, brave souls of Papua! The fate of our town rests in your hands.

-The City Officials of Papua

Main Adventure: Speak with town officials and help them stock the town armory ahead of the invasion.
Side Adventure: Battle the ongoing threat outside of town limits.



Chapter 7: The Adventure North
As the brave defenders of Papua bandage their wounds and rebuild, a new challenge has emerged. The Papua Tailor, Kye, has called upon the most daring souls to embark on a perilous journey to the North. Kye promises a reward beyond imagination for those who succeed in this dangerous task.

Main Adventure: Visit the Kye, the Papua Tailor, to see what his offer is. Kye likes a good "yes man"
Side Adventure: Something seems off with Kye. Seek out other Tailors to see if they know anything about Kye.

Chapter 8: A Web of Deceit
In Chapter 7, the adventurers braved the icy depths of the Ice Dungeon to collect frost spider eggs for the enigmatic Papua Tailor, Kye. The adventurers succeeded and were rewarded with rare spider silk, despite the best efforts of a band of thugs.

Other adventurers sought out the truth which led them to discover Kye's dark past.

Learning that Kye's family was banished from Trinsic after the devastating fire that burnt Trinsic years ago, they now suspect his true motive is to amass an army of arachnids to exact revenge on the City.


His plans are in motion, and the arachnid army is already mobilizing. Ask Kye for the truth to locate where the arachnid army is hiding.

Main Adventure: Visit the Kye, the Papua Tailor, to see where you should head next.
Side Adventure: Collect spider eggs. The spider egg trade-in list will be revealed this week.

Chapter 9: The Road to Redemption
Despite your efforts in aiding Kye, his sinister plan to unleash a spider army upon Trinsic is now in motion. As the arachnids march towards the city, it is time for redemption. The Trinsic Bounty Hunter Association has noted your involvement and demands answers. Prove your loyalty to Trinsic by aiding the city guards and uncovering the truth behind Kye’s lineage.

Main Adventure: Redeem yourselves by showing city officials that you stand with Trinsic. Visit Jaz the Guard Captain. Jaz has multiple quests available.

Side Adventure: Search for more information about the 4 families of Trinsic to learn more about Kye’s heritage.
- One family became a renowned fishermen and relocated to the city marveled for its man-made canals.
- One family is entirely deceased. Their family cemetery sits all but forgotten in the wilderness not too far from the city gate.
- One family established a fight club at the most famous dueling pit in all of Britannia.
- Kye’s family is the 4th family of Trinsic. Seek out Kye’s relatives in Papua.

Use the information above to locate in-game clues. Following the clues will bring you to a specific place in-game. The first person to reach the location can use their acquired knowledge to trigger a 30 spider egg payout.

Side Adventure Answers (thanks to Lady Day Dream)

Clue 1 : (3045, 828)
For the city marvelled for its man-made canals, you arrive at Vesper docks to look for clues among the fishermen, and you will stumble across a rare spider silk and a peculiar looking "rolled-up map" of a man-made underground tunnel!

Clue 2 : (1832, 2422)
Searching for forgotten graveyards, near the swampy wilderness north of Trinsic city, you will see a spider egg lying next to a cluster of undead minions, guarding sketches of a special 'bonfire".

Clue 3 : (1382, 3749)
The most famous duelling pit is located in Jhelom, on the upper floor of the fighting grounds, a yard of spider green cloth can be found and next to it is a book on "the annual adventure of the Do-El family".

Clue 4 : (5808, 3270)
In search of Kye's family in Papua, with Kye being not very helpful in giving any constructive response, you ask each of the townsfolk about info on 'Trinsic', and in the hidden basement of Pier 69 39, the shipwright will tell you about stories of "an island not too far from the city".

The Secret Location (1903, 2087):
Compiling the information you found, it is an island close to Trinsic, with a great festive ground and a man-made underground tunnel - Marble Island. And there inside the main building, where you can see a giant nest of wood, in the middle there is a flickering bonfire - "a burning flame of Trinsic heritage", quickly putting it out then spider eggs start bursting out from the nest beneath, and all that remains afterwards is a pile of lone burnt wood.


Chapter 9.5: A Growing Threat
The threat to Trinsic looms larger as the arachnid forces continue to gather strength in the jungles and woods nearby, flanking the city from both sides. With the spiders spreading out and preparing for an all-out assault on the city, the citizens are on high alert. To add to the mystery, Kye, the infamous Papua Tailor, has vanished without a trace, leaving his apprentice and the weaver baffled and concerned.

Adventurers, your task is now critical: aid in fortifying Trinsic against the impending spider attack. The fate of Trinsic hangs in the balance, and your bravery and cunning are needed more than ever. The

Will you rise to the challenge and protect the city from the creeping menace?

Chapter 10, the final chapter of the Arachnid Expedition will begin on Thursday, June 27th and run into July 1st. During this time, the city of Trinsic will have no guards. Chapter 10 will be your last chance to farm spider eggs too.

Main Adventure: Battle the spiders in the wilderness surrounding Trinsic.
Side Adventure: Spider egg redemption runs until July 20th. Contact a GM to arrange your eggschange!


Chapter 10: An Arachnid Assault!
The moment has arrived, brave adventurers. The city of Trinsic is being invaded by an overwhelming army of spiders, led by none other than the treacherous Kye. The citizens are in peril, and the guards are overwhelmed. The fate of Trinsic hangs in the balance.

Adventurers, report to Gilberto near the Trinsic Moongate to coordinate with the city guards and mount a defense against the arachnid horde. The final battle is upon us. Will you stand and fight to save Trinsic from certain doom?

Main Adventure: Speak to Gilberto about Kye for a quest. The invasion will end shortly after server up on Monday, July 1st.
Side Adventure: Spider egg redemption runs until July 20th. Contact a GM to arrange your eggschange!

Chapter 11: Battles with Kye!
In the final battle for Trinsic, adventurers faced overwhelming odds as spiders flanked the city from the west and south. The citizens fled in terror, and the city guards were rendered useless against the relentless arachnid assault.


Kye, the treacherous Papua Tailor, revealed his true nature by transforming into a monstrous arachnid. His reign of terror saw dragons, paladins, and wizards cut down in the streets of Trinsic, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.







After days of relentless fighting, Kye was ultimately defeated in a final, decisive battle at the south docks of Trinsic. His defeat marked the end of his dark plot to overthrow the city with his arachnid army.

An Epilogue

With Kye vanquished, the adventurers have successfully saved Trinsic from the brink of destruction. The Trinsic bounty hunter association moved swiftly to dismantle Shibbie's jungle camp, ensuring that no further threats would emerge from that source.

The city of Trinsic is well on its way to recovery. Shopkeeps have reopened, the guards are no longer useless, and citizens have returned to their old ways.

However, it is well known that there are always two Papua Tailors—no more, no less. A master and an apprentice. Though Kye has fallen, the shadow of his legacy lingers.


Rest well, brave adventurers.

Reminder Redemption ends July 20th for your spider eggs!


Egg Redemption: Items Redeemed
- 22x non-decaying spider egg
- 9x rare spider silk
- 0x rare green cloth
- 30x death spider statue
- 21x banner trade-in
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Re: Arachnid Expedition (Spring 2024)

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Let's go Boomland Jenkins!

Here are videos of the various chapters, a few covered by me, a few covered by Grofus

All chapters:
Final Battle:

It's been an awesome quest, thanks a lot mate!

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