Is this server Dead, or alive?

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Is this server Dead, or alive?

Post by Xucidel »

Having a hunger for a bit of T2A. Going through these forums... pretty much every material thread is years old, and the only recent postings are from spambots.

Can anyone chime in an attest that this server is still alive? The monetary health bar is pretty darn low, too. I don't want to invest my time into a server only to find it's really DOA.


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Re: Is this server Dead, or alive?

Post by Sin Cloud »

I've joined the Discord channel for UOSA and see a fair number still chatting but I haven't played in some years. I dont even remember any of my accounts/info lol

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Re: Is this server Dead, or alive?

Post by Werther »

Forums are pretty quiet but the server itself is very much alive. Welcome back!

Until recently the forums were plagued by russian spambots so they weren't very useful. That problem has been solved since but I think it drove some longtime forum users away.

Discord is indeed where chatting is done nowadays.

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Re: Is this server Dead, or alive?

Post by Ivan99 »

It is still alive. Still fun and still the best UO Era to play in.
Would be great to get a few more players trying it out and sticking around.

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